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The Lusus, Big Sky Arena

Big Sky News For The Week Of December 12th!
Let me know how you are all doing at Who is interested in starting this thing back up again?

Quote of the Week:

"Let me tell you something, you are a sick individual. What kind of a man holds a grudge for over ten years? Get over it already. Could there be a reason, Jackson, that it took you 19 years to capture your first world title? Could there be a reason that my grandfather did not give you a push, along with every other owner of every other federation you went to?? Of course not....that would require you to change what you are doing. And nobody is going to tell Jackson to change......RIGHT?? YOU are the reason that you couldn't get TV time....YOU are the reason that you got over-looked or under appreciated in all your years of wrestling. You got pushed around your entire career and you just have to blame somebody, don't you? Bring your years of frustration, bring all your scars and stories and excuses. I will be glad to put an end to them all. You want to come out here and mock my father and my family for what they contributed to this sport......that only makes you out to be more of an idiot than I thought. What my family did for this sport is legendary. Hell, to this day, my father gets e-mail and fan letters from all over the country, from folks longing for the days of WCCW. Where wrestling was at it's best. You say what you want Rust, but when you are dead and gone, the only one who will remember you is Tulsa West, and me. And that's because I will never forget what you did to me. The knife wound in my back will never heal. You want to try and put me out of business....bring your ass to the ring and face me like a man......without your new found friends. You just thought you should have retired the first, I'm going to make you pay....and cripple your ass for good. Did you like the taste of that glass? Did you like the taste of that metal?? Good....cause there will be plenty more where that came from. Predictable or not, I will put an end to your pathetic excuse for a career.....then you will have me to blame for your downfall....another damn Von Erich responsible for your demise!! "

Luke Von Erich

Wrestler of the Week:


Newcomer to Look For!

Jade Austin



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