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Dallas Vs RJ

Story # 63 Message # 1406-1410

RJ was bored. Jake was working, and most of the potential tough guys were at wrestling camp.

He decided to head over to the French Quarter. He knew he could find some action there.

Jeff's brothers were both staying in his "Club House".

RJ and Dallas had become friends on RJ and Jake's recent trip to the Studs Ranch.

Dallas was a powerfully built steer-wrestler. He had python like biceps, and a body that stirred feelings in any man, straight or gay. RJ was taken with Dallas' body. There was something about a young man with huge bulging biceps that really got him hot. RJ was infatuated with Dallas' physique. He liked challenging a guy that he knew could whip him.

But it wasn't just Dallas' biceps, it was his entire body. The young steer-wrestler was laced with powerful muscle. And he knew how to use them.

The last time the two had challenged each other had been in the bunk house. RJ had been staring at Dallas, and wanted to see if he knew how to use those muscles. He found quickly the young buck was quite capable of powering him down.

RJ let himself in to Jeff's apartment with the key he had been given for the holidays. Jeff had graciously asked RJ and Jake to spend some time in the Club House, knowing full well that RJ and Dallas wanted to play.

RJ entered and headed to the matroom. There he found Jonah and Dallas engaged in a little brotherly competition.

The two brothers stopped wrestling as RJ entered.

Dallas looked up at RJ and grinned.

"So you are finally going to show up. Thought I was going to have to come hunt you down."

RJ smiled, as his eyes were drawn to Dallas' hard body. His cock stirred to life and pushed hard against his jeans.

He walked over to Dallas, staring him directly in the eye.

"Yeah, I figured it was time for a rematch."

Dallas' hand shot down grabbing RJ's firm cock.

"I see you're ready." he said giving the musclepunk cock a gentle squeeze. He then stood back and flexed his huge cannonball biceps. "This time I think we should wrestle."

RJ looked at the hard steer-wrestler. He knew out and out wrestling he had as much chance as a snowball in hell. But being the cocky punk he was, he would not back down from the challenge.

"You're on tough guy."

Jonah took a seat on the sidelines, joined by Shane and Don.

RJ removed his shirt and pants, then stood clad only in his jock strap. His rigid cock was pressing hard against his jock, as Dallas stood posing. RJ watched as the steer-wrestler flexed his biceps and ripped his hard abdominal muscles.

Dallas knew he was arousing RJ by posing. His eyes were riveted to the Muscle Punk's bulging jock strap. He flexed his titty muscles and the bulge in his jock got bigger.

Jonah, Shane, and Don sat watching the two competitors. Briefly Jonah wondered why RJ would consent to wrestling his brother. Clearly it would be a squash job. He looked over RJ's body. The young stud was built, but no where's near as built as Dallas.

RJ flexed his big biceps and ripped his titty muscles. "Come on, boy. Lets get it on."

Dallas grinned, then made a come on motion. "RJ, you got guts. I am going to squash your cocky ass."

RJ smiled, "Come on, less talk, more action. Bigger guys then you have tried."

"Cocky bastard. You're going down punk." Dallas said as the two combatants moved to the center of the mat.

RJ knew if he was to have any chance at all, he had to avoid those huge arms. He had been held compliant in them before and knew he could not match Dallas in muscle power.

Dallas raised his arms for a contest of strength.

RJ shook his head. "Not in this life time, boy."

Dallas grinned, "Smart move. The match would have been over."

The two men locked up, collar and elbow. RJ could feel the muscle power exuding from Dallas. He grunted as he tried to muscle back against his more potent opponent. Dallas slipped his arms around RJ's lower back, then lifted the muscle punk in a bear hug.

RJ grunted as he felt the powerful arms squeeze his lower back and force his air from his lungs. Dallas increased his squeeze. His biceps bulged as he lifted RJ from the mat and bore down on his lower back.

RJ tried to slide his arms between himself and Dallas to at least allow him to breath. The steer-wrestler had his lower back cinched tight.

RJ squeezed his hand between them and locked Dallas' right nipple between his thumb and index finger. He ground it hard. Dallas' hold slackened.

RJ continued to work his nipple over. Dallas released the bear hug, and swung a hard fist to RJ's gut. RJ grunted, but took the blow.

RJ lashed out with his right hand, burying it in Dallas gut. Dallas grunted, but did not step back.

RJ released his tit hold, and went for a head lock, Dallas side stepped, then turned RJ around. He locked on a full nelson.

Dallas' large biceps peaked as the young man cinched in his powerful hold. Dallas pumped up his back and shoulder muscles as he poured on the pressure. RJ struggled in the power hold. He grunted and tried to power out, but he could not break the hold.

Dallas muscled RJ down to his knees. RJ could feel his chin going down to his chest as Dallas continued to work him over in the full nelson.

"Come on RJ, submit."

"No." RJ grunted out. Dallas wrapped his muscular legs around RJ's midsection and squeezed.

RJ grunted, feeling the power of the bulging leg muscles.

Dallas released the full nelson. He turned RJ around, still holding him locked in his legs.

"Give up, boy, You're whipped." RJ tried to buck up, but Dallas rode him back down to the mat. As he did he increased the hold on RJ's stomach.

RJ grunted. He could feel the muscular legs crushing his abs. RJ fell back to the mat, submissive.

He could not take Dallas' muscle power. He was not used to be this out muscled in a match. RJ was struggling to breath as his more muscular opponent worked him over between his legs.

Now he knew how Luke had felt the other night. Dallas could see RJ was almost ready to submit, but he wanted to have some more fun.

He released the scissors hold, and moved up on RJ's chest. His knees bore down on RJ big biceps as he held him in a school boy pin. His jocked cock was inches away from RJ's mouth. Dallas leaned forward, letting his jocked cock rest over RJ's lips.

"Had enough, punk?" Dallas asked as he bore down on RJ's biceps with his knees. RJ stubbornly shook his head. Dallas sat back and slugged the muscle punk in the gut. Once, twice, three times. RJ felt the fists digging in to his tender abs.

As Dallas turned back to ask RJ if he was ready to submit, the Muscle Punk reared up and caught Dallas' head in his powerful legs. He flipped the steer-wrestler off.

RJ moved quickly, locking Dallas in a head scissors. RJ applied the pressure to the young buck's head and neck. RJ repositioned himself and started laying in a few hard gut punches.

"Now, boy. Its your turn to suffer."

Had he not been wrestling with a friend, RJ would have punched Dallas in the balls. He knew that would be one of the only ways he could beat this guy. But RJ would not stoop to those measures in a friendly match.

Dallas felt the power of RJ's legs. He tried to use his muscular arms to pull RJ's legs apart, but every time he did, RJ slugged him in the gut.

RJ tightened his scissors hold on Dallas' thick neck.

"Had enough, boy?" RJ asked as he again slugged Dallas in the gut.

Dallas would not submit. RJ increased the tension on Dallas head and neck. Dallas grunted. RJ smiled as he held his larger opponent compliant.

RJ leaned forward to slug Dallas again.

As he did the young buck's arms shot out grabbing his arm. Dallas twisted hard. RJ grunted feeling the power of Dallas biceps as they bent his arm back.

The head scissors loosened.

Dallas maneuvered RJ's arm into a painful joint lock. In order to ease the pressure on his arm, RJ released the scissors hold.

Dallas moved quickly. He had RJ down face first on the mat. He quickly pulled both his arms back into a double hammerlock.

As he applied the pressure to RJ's arms, his knees squeezed against RJ's ribs. He released the hammerlock, and pulled RJ into a camel clutch.

Dallas leaned into the hold. RJ felt the pressure on his back and neck. He grunted as Dallas pulled his chin back and arched his back.

"Give up, punk." Dallas said as he increased the pressure.

RJ groaned as he felt his back screaming in agony. Dallas biceps bulged as he applied the pressure to the muscle punk's back and neck.

"Come on, RJ. Submit." Dallas said as he pulled back a little harder and ground his knees into RJ's ribs.

RJ grunted loudly as Dallas increased the pressure. "All right, I submit."

Dallas released the hold. RJ collapsed to the mat, breathing hard. RJ rolled over looking up at the powerful steer-wrestler. He had to grin. He knew when he accepted the challenge there was no way he could take Dallas.

Dallas spread his legs over R.J.'s haunches and grinded his cock against the musclepunk dick. R.J. didn't struggle. He waited to see what Dallas would do next.

The muscular cowboy thrust his big studcock against R.J.'s mantool and grinded their dicks together while leaning forward to gaze into R.J.'s eyes. Dallas interlocked his fingers with R.J.'s fingers and pinned the musclepunk on the mat. He continued to stroke his cowboy cock against R.J.'s cock.

Dallas brought R.J.'s arms down to his sides and released his fingers. Then Dallas wrapped his arms around the musclepunk's chest and squeezed their nipples together. Dallas nuzzled his nose against R.J.'s cheekbones and flexed his hard biceps against R.J.'s warm body. The cowboy cock thrust against the musclepunk dick.

R.J. felt his erection grinding upwards, matching the cowboy cock head to head. R.J. flexed his abs and his dickhead rubbed tightly against the thrusting cowboy cock.

The musclepunk flexed his cock against Dallas. The steer-wrestler squeezed R.J with his big arms and grinded dicks with him.

R.J.'s penis knew how to handle the muscleman's tool. R.J. continued to flex his cock and rub up against Dallas' cockhead. R.J. wrapped his arms around Dallas' waist and locked him in a bear hug.

The musclepunk could feel himself controlling the big cowboy's response. R.J. rolled up on top and pumped himself against Dallas' tool.

Dallas continued to hold R.J. with his arms as the musclepunk whipped his meat. The powerful cowboy felt R.J.'s cock stroking his down, and he submitted his hard-on to the musclepunk's manhood.

Jonah realized that his muscle-bound brother had found a soulmate. This wasn't about wrestling to win. It was about wrestling to experience the fullness of another man.

RJ vs Jeff

Story # 66 Message # 1429-1437

Jeff's Point of Honor: Teen Challenges Man

RJ entered the "Club House" where Jeff lived in the French Quarter, along with RJ's brother Sean.

After losing a doubleteam match when the teen high school wrestlers Jeff and Jason had doubled up on R.J., Jeff challenged RJ to a one on one match.

RJ did not want to accept a match with Jeff. He thought of Jeff as a younger brother. But Jeff had been insistent.

Dallas told RJ privately that Jeff wanted a rematch because the teen had lost the doubleteam match to R.J. in front of Sean, Jeff's teen romance. It was a matter of adolescent pride.

RJ had just shrugged. He had not asked for the two muscleteens to challenge him. Both Jeff and Jason had taken great pleasure in trying to beat RJ down. The two muscleboys had given him one hell of a working over.

RJ walked to the matroom, where Dallas and Jeff were engaged in a wrestling match. RJ stood back and watched as Jeff muscled Dallas down to the mat. Jeff moved like a cat, as he tried to lock a figure four head scissors on Dallas.

Dallas countered with a hard fist to Jeff's abs.

As Jeff staggered slightly, Dallas whipped him into a head lock and drove him to his knees.

Jeff grunted, as Dallas worked his head and neck over in his massive arms.

Sean was standing on the other side of the room, watching his best friend Jeff get worked over by his Westcott older brother Dallas. Sean started to step on the mat to assist Jeff, than thought better of it, as he looked up and saw RJ standing there.

Jeff managed to power out of the headlock, and he and Dallas got to their feet. Both guys were sweaty and breathing hard.

Dallas looked up, seeing RJ standing matside. He glanced at Jeff, then back to RJ.

Jeff turned to face Sean, grinned, then turned back to RJ. " Come on, let’s get this going."

Dallas walked over to RJ, "Good luck. He's pumped. "

RJ nodded, then turned back to Jeff. "Are you sure you want to go through with this?"

Jeff looked RJ over, then grinned and nodded. "Why, Afraid I can take you one on one?"

RJ grinned back. "Come on boy," he said to his young friend. "Get real. I beat you and Jason. I surely don't think you have much of a chance against me."

Jeff laughed along with his chum. "It is a matter of honor. You made me submit in front of my lover. I have to pay you back. I have to prove my manhood on you. Besides, Big Man, you have been overly cocky since you beat us. You need a good hard wrestling lesson."

Jeff made a come on motion to his best friend, the older brother of his lover Sean.

RJ nodded, smiled, shook his head benevolently, and then stripped down to his gym shorts. "BOY, I don't want to fight you. But you seemed determined to take me on," he said, flexing his muscles.

Jeff felt his hard-on getting bigger; his horny wrestler's cock would get hard if the wind blew. In his present situation, his rigid teen dick couldn't help itself as his eyes admired R.J.'s superb conditioning.

Jeff flexed his huge biceps and rippled his powerful abs. As he did his mammoth 10" cock bulged through his gym shorts, flaring towards RJ.

RJ's cock responded as Jeff flexed and posed. RJ had admired Jeff's hard well-developed body for a while. All three of the Westcott brothers had great bods.

RJ fingered his penis through his gym shorts. His rigid stud cock stood out proud and erect, creating an enormous protrusion in the crotch of his shorts.

Jeff liked looking at a man with a prominent enlargement. In some ways, he envied Jake for having such a gorgeous hunk of a man.

Of course, Jeff was madly in love with Sean, and he loved Sean's smooth, well-defined body; but R.J. was a full-grown man with a magnificent physique. Jeff couldn't wait to feel the man's impressive body muscles rubbing against his own.

The musclepunk flexed his biceps, and ripped his powerful six pack abs. As his abs ripped, his bulging crotch shot forward and jumped to attention.

Jeff stepped to the center of the mat, full of piss and vinegar, ready to wrestle. The cocky teen admired R.J., but he wanted to prove his manhood over a full-grown man. "Come on RJ. Take me down."

Sean watched as Jeff challenged his brother. He knew Jeff was tough, but he had also watched Jason and Jeff pound the shit out of RJ, and still come up short.

Sean was still impressed his brother could take that kind of abuse and not submit. He knew Jeff was in for a tough fight.

Jeff stood erect in the center of the mat, his young eyes glistening with confident manhood, his hard teen muscles ready for a rugged challenge.

Sean could see that Jeff's brawny, beefed up muscles were lean and mean as they shone through his tan skin with sleek definition. The teen's body-builder's physique looked powerful, poised, and polished.

RJ's eyes gave the sturdy young wrestler's frame a long hard look. He knew how strong Jeff was.

RJ warily stepped onto the mat. He had practiced with Jeff before. Jeff had made RJ submit before.

Jeff raised his powerful arms for a contest of strength. The youngster's eyes were filled with manly desire as he bravely challenged the power sported by his masculine opponent. The young bodybuilder felt confident, macho, sure of himself. The boy was ready to demonstrate his manhood to gain honor with his lover.

RJ grinned, then locked his hands with the muscleboy's.

Dallas and Sean took a seat, both were sporting huge erections as they watched the two well-built guys struggle against each other.

Jeff's huge biceps bulged as he tried to muscle RJ down. RJ resisted and held the teen bodybuilder even. Their well-proportioned bodies wrestled and competed. Jeff sucked down wind as he struggled to overpower and dominate his man.

Both guys could feel their biceps starting to burn as they struggled for superior positioning. The muscles in Jeff's back and shoulders were rippling through his smooth skin.

Jeff released his hands, pulled back, and slugged RJ in the gut. The punch deflected off RJ's ripped abs. Jeff looked surprised. Most of his teen opponents whimpered beneath his gutpunches.

RJ fired a left to Jeff's gut. The same affect. His hand hit a rock-hard abdominal wall. Jeff regained some of his macho.

The guys went at it toe to toe, blow for blow to each other's abs.

Neither man staggered or doubled from the brutal punches.

Sean and Dallas watched as Jeff and RJ stood center mat slugging the hell out of one another's abs. Sean winced at the power behind the punches. Neither man pulled his punches, and all blows were hard. He watched as both men delivered power punch after power punch to one another.

Sean noticed the harder Jeff punched his brother, the more rigid RJ's cock was getting.

Although R.J. had no desire to hurt Jeff, he was enjoying himself and playing into the teen's game plan to get him aroused and whip him off.

Both men's abs were getting red from the constant barrage of hard fists. But neither would back off.

Sean was rock hard as he watched Jeff and RJ exchange gutpunches. He had watched other guys drop to their knees, clutching their guts, after taking a punch from Jeff.

Sean glanced at Dallas. He wondered how Dallas would react if RJ started whipping Jeff. Dallas' eyes were lit with mirth; he seemed to be enjoying the contest between the two muscled guys.

Personally, Sean wanted to see Jeff take RJ apart. He knew if RJ started getting the upper hand, he could not sit there and let Jeff lose even though Jeff had told him not to interfere.

If his brother started beating Jeff, his brother was going to get more then he bargained for.

As if reading his thoughts, Dallas placed a big arm around Sean's shoulder and hugged him powerfully, yet gently. Sean looked into the eyes of the hefty muscle-bound cowboy and Dallas winked at him. Sean felt Dallas' brawny bicep curling against his shoulder.

Jeff and RJ stepped back from each other, both breathing hard, their abs beaten red; their cocks straining to break out of their gym shorts.

Their eyes locked. R.J. could see the devilment in Jeff's eyes and wondered what the teen wrestler was planning. Guys like Jeff always had a strategy when they were on the mat.

RJ was impressed that the young teenager could handle his gutblasts without caving in. Jeff's ability to take R.J.'s punches was making him cockier.

Jeff stepped into RJ, his fist driving hard to RJ's balls. RJ grunted, but did not drop.

Jeff smacked him in the balls again, then followed with a well placed knee to the lower gut. RJ grunted, but did not go down.

"Come on, Jeff. You can take him." Sean yelled from the side.

Dallas hugged Sean close to his chiseled chest and called out to R.J., "Watch your balls, man!"

RJ turned to cast a glance at Sean. As he did, Jeff brought his knee into his balls.

RJ grunted, and dropped to his knees, clutching his nuts.

Jeff stepped behind him and locked on a tight body scissors. RJ grunted as he felt Jeff's powerful legs compress his abs.

"Come on, boy, fight me." Jeff said as he bore down on RJ's abs.

RJ struggled to breathe. Jeff leaned back and powered his legs hard. The tendons of his legs were bulging with high definition. RJ grunted loudly as Jeff's muscular legs squeezed the breath out of him.

Jeff laughed good-naturedly. "Give it up, musclepunk? Admit that a high school piss-ant has whipped you!"

The teen wrestler exuded machismo as he dominated his man.

RJ tried to pull Jeff's legs apart, but the hold was cinched in tightly. The teen wrestler was muscling his older opponent in a tight body-crush.

"Okay, Sean," Jeff said. "Get ready to have your dick sucked by your big brother."

Jeff reached forward and locked RJ's arms.

He pulled the musclepunk's arm back.

"Submit, RJ." Jeff said, exuding his machismo and grinning confidently.

RJ shook his head. Jeff laughed gregariously. The teenager felt confident that it would only be a matter of time before R.J. submitted to his manhood.

He tried to muscle R.J. into a full nelson. The musclepunk pulled his arms away from the muscleteen's grip.

Jeff laughed again. "The muscleman fights against the muscleteen," he said, clenching R.J.'s midsection between his legs and exuding confident manliness.

Jeff increased the pressure on RJ's gut. RJ groaned.

Jeff grinned. "See, Dallas, I told you I could beat a full-grown man with my legs."

Jeff grabbed a handful of R.J.'s big dick through his gym shorts. He jerked on R.J.'s meat like he was milking a cow. R.J. tried to pull Jeff's hands away, but the teenager wrenched his hand free and punched the musclepunk's midsection.

R.J.'s cock responded by enlarging and powering up. Jeff pulled on the musclepunk cock and jerked it up and down in a jerk-off motion, trying to milk it.

Meanwhile, the body-builder's muscular legs were forcing the stud into submission. RJ could not draw a breath, and he felt his cock getting stimulated to release by the teen's sturdy grip.

Jeff smiled at him. "Had enough?" The young body-builder felt powerful and he-manly as he dominated his man opponent with his legs and stimulated the stud's cockmuscle.

RJ moved his upper torso to the side, then drove his elbow to Jeff's gut.

Jeff whoompfed. "Hey, no fair using the bionic elbow!"

In spite of the teen's protest, he maintained his scissors hold and grinded R.J. harder between his leg muscles, still trying to pull at R.J.'s erection.

The musclepunk struggled to keep Jeff's hand off his erection while driving his elbow into Jeff's muscular midsection.

RJ rammed his elbow into Jeff's stomach twice more. Jeff inhaled sharply. The scissors hold loosened.

RJ sucked in air. He sat up, and slipped the leg lock.

Jeff was also sucking wind.

Both guys quickly got to their feet. Both were sweating and panting.

Sean was surprised his brother had forced Jeff to relinquish his hold. (But not as surprised as Jeff.)

The two musclemen circled.

Jeff's eyes darted down to R.J.'s bulging groin area. They came to grips and Jeff wrestled R.J. into a reverse bear hug, picking him up and dropping him face down toward the mat.

R.J. landed on his knees with Jeff squeezing his waist from behind. The teen grinded his wrestler's crotch through his gym shorts against R.J.'s butt. Jeff was purposely pushing his genitals against R.J.'s buttcrack.

Jeff continued to squeeze R.J.'s muscular paunch close to the groin area, below the belt. The teenage bodybuilder was trying to pick R.J. up from the mat while grinding his enormous erection against R.J.'s backside.

R.J. rose to his knees and started to get to his feet, carrying most of the sturdy teen's bodyweight with him. Jeff resolutely clung to R.J.'s waist and tried to scissor his legs.

R.J. was powering up, struggling to pull Jeff's arms apart. The teen locked a grapevine on the musclepunk's legs and shoved his big dick against RJ's rear.

As R.J. rose to his feet, Jeff wrenched his arms around R.J. and flung the musclepunk back to the mat on his face.

Jeff's hands slid from R.J.'s waist down to his crotch, and Jeff locked his fingers around R.J.'s cock through the gym shorts.

The teenager jerked on R.J.'s penis as if he were milking a cow. R.J. rolled over on top, pressing back against Jeff's hard, solid body.

The young wrestler hugged R.J.'s lower body from behind with his powerful arms and grapevined R.J.'s legs while continuing to jerk R.J.'s cock up and down in a smooth, rhythmic pull.

R.J. arched up and pushed back with his legs. He felt the teen wrestler's crotch against his lower body as he pressed downward.

Jeff tugged hard at R.J.'s cock, but R.J. was pressing backwards, forcing the youngster's muscular body against the mat.

"No, R.J." Jeff begged. "Don't do it."

R.J. pressed his backside against the wrestler's crotch, forcing the bodybuilder's muscular penis to rub back against Jeff's balls and his pelvis.

Jeff brought his legs up around R.J.'s lower body and scissored his ankles around R.J.'s pelvic area so that his heels were digging into R.J.'s groin. Jeff locked the musclepunk's arms from behind and forced him into a full nelson.

R.J. flexed his powerful biceps and the two guys struggled. Jeff pumped up his arms and competed with R.J.'s potent arm muscles.

With Jeff holding the full nelson in place, the two guys wrestled with each other's upper bodies, grinding their muscles together in competition for hardness and dominance.

Jeff could feel the manly strength in R.J.'s arms. The teen wrestler thought R.J. was masterful in the way he flexed his arms against the teen's bodybuilder muscles.

Jeff tightened his lower-body scissorshold from behind and grinded his heels and ankles into R.J.'s crotch, pinning the musclepunk's dick against his balls.

The scissors hold was too low around R.J.'s hips to inflict any punishment, but Jeff was trying to whip R.J.'s big dick with his feet.

R.J. pressed his lower body down into the wrestler's groin, smashing Jeff's rigid cock between the musclepunk's firm lower backside and the teen's muscular pelvis.

Jeff grunted. R.J. flexed his biceps. He grinded back against the wrestler's pouch, and Jeff grunted some more.

R.J. powered his arms forward. Jeff dug his heels into R.J.'s groin, but R.J. just transferred the pressure back against the teen's package.

As R.J.'s backside rubbed against the horny wrestler's crotch, a wet spot began to appear in Jeff's gym shorts. Jeff tried to bear down on the full nelson, but R.J.'s manly muscles were flexing hard, pulling against the bodybuilder's arms.

"No, R.J.," Jeff begged. "You're whipping me off."

The musclepunk continued to grind his powerful backside against Jeff's groin area. The wet spot in Jeff's gym shorts began to spread as Jeff lost control of his cock and began to shoot cum in is shorts.

R.J. powered out of the full nelson and locked his hands on Jeff's ankles. He began to pull the bodybuilder's legs apart while grinding against the teen's manly dick.

Jeff begged for mercy as R.J. whipped his cock into submission. "Please, R.J., don't do it," he said. The bodybuilder's muscle erection was throbbing. R.J. could feel the enormous tool shooting its load.

"I give, I give," Jeff whimpered. "You've whipped my dick off."

R.J. broke free of the lowerbody scissors and stood to his feet, motioning for Dallas.

Dallas gave Sean's head a tight squeeze and said, "Now, you stay here like a good boy, and we'll let you leave in one piece."

Sean grinned. "I want my lover back in one piece," he said.

Dallas walked to the mat where Jeff lay in submission to R.J.

Dallas pulled his big cock out of his shorts and knelt over Jeff's face.

"Okay, boy," he said, winking back at Sean, "let's see you suck it."

Jeff looked chagrined but said nothing. The young wrestler had issued a challenge to RJ: if Jeff had won, RJ was to suck Sean's cock. If RJ won, which Jeff had not planned on happening, Jeff had to suck Dallas' cock.

The teenager was man enough to keep his challenges without whining about it.

Jeff rose slightly and compliantly locked his lips around Dallas' cock. R.J. watched as the teen bodybuilder worked on his older brother's big pecker. Jeff knew exactly what to do to pleasure Dallas and soon had the big cowboy kneeling over him, groaning.

Dallas made the teen wrestler stop before ejaculation. After all, he wanted to save himself for his upcoming match with Josh (which Josh didn't know about).

When it was over, Jeff looked sheepish. He had really believed that he was macho enough to take R.J. His plan to whip R.J.'s dick had literally backfired.

Now, he felt embarrassed that Sean had watched him get his ass kicked again. He even feared that Sean wouldn't want somebody that couldn't take his older brother.

A normally cocky young wrestler, Jeff felt a loss for words in front of his lover, someone he wanted to feel safe in his arms. In his adolescent pride, Jeff wanted to be Sean's knight in shining armor.

Jeff wasn't sure if he could face Sean again. The Bucks Team Captain felt inadequate. He was glad that Jason hadn't witnessed his humiliation.

Sean watched in stunned silence as RJ made Jeff honor the stakes. Inwardly he was pissed at his brother. RJ and Jeff were supposed to be friends.

Sean watched Dallas place his enormous musclecock back into his pants.

RJ reached down and helped the muscleteen to his feet. He looked hard at his good friend. He had not wanted this match to take place.

RJ drew Jeff close, hugging the muscleboy in a tight embrace.

As he held Jeff close to him, his eyes locked with Sean's.

RJ wondered briefly if Sean knew how lucky he was to have a tough guy like Jeff for a lover.

As he broke the embrace and walked away, he saw Sean heading over to Jeff's side.

Sean put his arms around his muscle-bound lover and pulled him close. No matter the outcome, he loved Jeff no less. In fact he loved him even more for being man enough to honor the agreement.

Sean looked deeply into Jeff's brown eyes," I love you." Sean said, than locked his lips on the teen muscleboy's.

Sean's reaction had a saving effect on Jeff whose Dark Side tended to emerge in the face of disappointment.

Although Jeff had been playful about the encounter, he was inwardly disappointed and angry with himself for not holding his load against a powerful man.

In the past, Jeff would have reacted to his disappointment by doing something self-destructive. Typically, he would disappear for several days and go whoring in the baths, or he would find one of his mother's clients and seduce him. (Jeff had seen much of the world by playing teen lover to wealthy men.)

Neither RJ nor Sean had ever seen Jeff's dark side emerge. Normally, it was Jamie who would find him and take him to a clinic for AID's testing to ensure Jeff's whoring hadn't resulted in a deadly infection.

Jeff and Jamie had had long talks about Jeff's dives into self-rejection and sexual promiscuity. At heart, Jeff was a perfectionist. Disappointments in life often led him into despair and self-destructive behavior.

This time, Jeff honestly admitted to himself that it was not really his honor that was wounded in front of Sean. It was his pride that was wounded. It was his pride that led him to self-hatred by being grandiose enough to think that he could outwrestle a man like R.J.

It helped to have someone like Sean who knew how to make him feel loved and wanted in spite of his "failure" and self-rejection.

This time, he didn't go a whoring.

Jake’s Payback?

Story # 70 message # 1483-1494

It had been a week since Jake had set RJ up in a doubleteam match with Jason and Jeff. RJ had not mentioned the set-up or said anything to Jake about his involvement. In fact RJ had been even more romantic towards Jake since the match.

Jake knew RJ was not pissed about the match. He had in fact fantasized about taking Jeff and Jason on in a double team for a while now. Jake knew RJ liked to show off his abs strength, but even he knew he should not have provoked Jason and Jeff. RJ had paid dearly for Jake's provoking comments to the two muscle bound jocks.

Even as he had stood on the sidelines with Shane, Jake had winced at the power of Jason's and Jeff's punches to his lover's abs. But in spite of that, Jake had enjoyed watching RJ struggle with his two powerful adversaries. He never would have set it up, had he not known how much abuse his lover could take.

Jake walked up behind RJ, who was cooking dinner, for a change. His arms locked around the Musclepunks waist and pulled him back. Jake's lips brushed RJ's neck, as his rigid teentool rubbed the crack of RJ's ass.

Jake leaned his head close to RJ's ear. "Screw dinner, lets play." Jake said as his hand went down and squeezed the erect stud tool between RJ's legs.

RJ cast a glance to the clock on the opposite wall. He then turned to Jake and grinned. "Think you can handle me, boy?"

Jake grinned, "I always handle you." He tugged gently on the stud cock. Jake turned RJ around to face him. His left hand slid into the Muslcepunk's stomach. "Why would tonight be any different?"

RJ's arms went around his thug lover. He pressed his lips hard against Jake's. Both of their cocks powered to full erection status. They ground hard together through their jock straps.

The two horny men headed towards the matroom.

RJ eyed the powerful body of his teen lover. Jake's arms were muscular, as were his legs. His chest and abs were solid, though not as defined as RJ's. Jake's lean body did not have an ounce of fat anywhere. he was as solid as they came.

RJ peeled off his shirt as Jake's greenish-brown eyes locked on his chiseled six-pac abs. They drifted from there to his powerful chest and bulging biceps. RJ ripped his abdominal muscled and made his cock press hard against the confinement of his jock strap.

Jake shook his head, "All right, stop posing and let's get it on. The sooner I whip you the sooner we can eat."

The Musclepunk grinned. Jake was one of the few people who seemed to have no problem besting him. It seemed no matter how hard RJ fought, he could not take Jake. Not that he even cared, but just once he would like to whip his teen lovers rigid erection.

What Jake did not know, was RJ was buying time. He had something special planned for his lover tonight.

Yes, tonight Jake was going to get a small taste of payback. Nothing painful, for RJ could do nothing to ever hurt Jake. But Jake was going to get a small dose of his own medicine.

RJ reached down and removed his jock strap. His 8 1/2" cock powered up, ready for a fight.

Jake whistled as he pulled his rigid teentool from its protection. His dick pointed directly at RJ, issuing the challenge all by itself.

The two men powered into each other, their cockheads grinding together. Jake hugged RJ's upper body, pulling their firm nipples together. RJ's hand locked around Jake's waist and he lifted his lover from the mat.

Jake grunted as RJ lifted and squeezed his lower back.

RJ continued to squeeze Jake's lower body. Jake released his bear hug and tried to power his arms between RJ's. RJ turned and threw Jake to the mat. He came down on top of the prone teen, punching his cock hard against Jake's rigid erection.

Jake grunted as his dick was squashed back against his balls. RJ tried to lock Jake's arm in a contest of strength, but Jake slipped the hold and slugged RJ in the gut. RJ just smiled.

Jake slugged him twice more. His fists bounced off the powerful abs of his stud lover. Jake could see RJ was pumped for this encounter.

Both men were so involved in wrestling, that neither heard the front door open.

RJ grabbed the Thug's arms and pinned them to the mat. He slid up on Jake's chest, placing his knees on the hard cannonball biceps. He rubbed his rigid stud cock in his lover's face.

Jake had to grin as RJ held him in a schoolboy pin. His lips brushed the musclepunk cock, and he gently kissed the cockhead.

RJ groaned softly as Jakes' lips touch his raging hard on.

Jake then bucked up, and threw his legs around the punk's head before RJ could react, Jake flipped him off, locking him in a head scissors. Jake's cock now bore down on RJ's face.

Jake quickly pinned RJ's arms to the mat. "Now, boy. Who has who." Jake said feigning arrogance.

RJ could not answer with the thug's cock grinding down over his lips and nose. He could taste the sweat from Jake's nut sack as it bore down on his lips. Jake reached back and slugged his man in the gut, once, twice, three times. RJ's abs took the punches.

Jake locked his hand on RJ's rigid stud cock. "You are really pumped up tonight." Jake said as he tugged the musclepunk erection.

RJ tried to rear up, but Jake slugged him again and tugged on his big dick. "You're not going anywhere, until you submit and suck me."

Jamie and Pecker were watching from the doorway. Jamie shook his head as Jake once again took it to RJ.

The plan had been for RJ to have Jake in a compromising position, so all Jamie had to do was whip him off. It looked like that was not going to happen. Jake was controlling RJ's muscles and had a killer hold on the musclepunk cock.

Pecker looked at Jamie, than grinned. "Should we give RJ a hand?"

Jamie quickly shook his head. "Hell no. You know how RJ feels about help during a fight. Especially one involving Jake."

Pecker nodded. Both teens knew RJ fought fair. "Well if that's the case, why this little surprise tonight?"

Jamie grinned. "This is a little payback, for the double team with Jason and Jeff. Jake egged the two muscleboys on. But RJ was specific. No interference, until he has Jake wrapped up in a head scissors."

Pecker shook his head, "Come on Jamie. Doesn't look like that's going to happen any time soon. Jake has RJ whipped."

Both teens had seen RJ and Jake go at it before. They knew they fought hard as foreplay.

As Jake continued to manhandle his cock and grind his hard package against the musclepunk's nose and mouth, RJ felt his inner resolve building.

He curled up, bringing his legs up quickly. he scissored Jake's head, and flipped the thug off.

Jake was caught off guard.

Both men got back to their feet.

Jamie and Pecker quickly moved back out of Jake's line of sight.

The Musclepunk and the Thug were both sweating and breathing hard. They circled. Jake looked at RJ and grinned. "You're getting better."

RJ smiled, "You're going down, boy."

RJ raised his hands for a contest of strength.

Jake gave RJ, a you've got to be kidding me look. He shook his head and raised his hands.

RJ was amused by Jake's look. The two powerful men locked their fingers together.

Jake powered into RJ, trying to force dominance over the Musclepunk. RJ powered back, holding the boy even.

"You've been working out, haven't you?" Jake said as he flexed his hard cannonball biceps and powered hard against his punk lover.

RJ grunted as he felt Jake starting to overpower his bulging biceps. He changed his stance and power back into the teen muscleboy.

Jake grunted and strained to hold RJ even. Usually he could muscle his man down.

Jamie and Pecker were watching the determination on RJ's face as he held the young muscleboy even in the contest of strength.

They watched as RJ broke the hold and drove a hard right hand to his lover's gut. Jake grunted loudly as the fist dug in.

RJ slugged him again. Jake was not expecting RJ to work his abs, and doubled slightly. RJ swept his legs, dropping the thug to his back.

Jamie turned to Pecker and smiled. He quickly shed his clothes. "Its almost show time." Jamie said with a big shit eating grin. He was going to enjoy whipping off the thug cock.

RJ moved quickly. He locked Jake in a powerful head scissors. RJ squeezed hard.

Jake grunted as he felt his head and ears being squeezed between his lover's muscular legs.

Jake's hand went up and tried to break the hold. RJ's legs punished him even more. Jake knew he was trapped.

RJ glanced to the doorway. He nodded for Jamie to have at it.

RJ sat up, still maintaining the head scissors. He reached down and locked Jake's arms.

Jamie approached Jake. He looked down at his friend his python fully erect and ready to do battle with the tough thug cock.

Jake finally noticed Jamie. "RJ, you fucker." He said as he increased his struggles to get free.

RJ started to laugh, but was careful not to let up on his hold.

RJ increased the pressure on the head scissors. "Pay backs a bitch."

Jamie was poised and ready. He knelt down over the prone teen. Jamie locked his arms around Jake's upper torso and powered his Python into the teen's powerful tool.

Jake powered back. Even though he was locked in a punishing hold, he was not going to let Jamie whip him off without a fight.

Jamie's Python cock wrestled Jake's thug cock head to head. Jamie could feel Jake grinding back into him. Jamie powered down onto the prone teen, whipping the thug cock hard against Jake's balls.

Jake grunted, but continued to power back.

Jamie stood up, then dropped down to Jake's waist. His hard cock punching Jake's cock back against his inner thigh.

Jake grunted loudly as he felt the Python compressing his cock head.

Jamie locked his legs around Jake's lower body, than set to work. He humped and pumped like a young rodeo rider. He rode Jake's cock hard and fast.

Jake knew he could mount no defense as long as his lover was holding him compliant. His tough thug cock was getting whipped off. He could feel it start to throb as the Python took control.

Jamie rubbed Jake to an almost climax, then backed off. RJ had to smile. The young man had learned his lessons well.

Jamie broke his leg scissors on Jake's body. He then slugged the prone teen in the gut. Jake grunted. Jamie slugged him again.

Jake knew RJ was getting even for the double team. But using Jamie, was not what he had been expecting.

Jamie dropped down on Jake's rigid erection again. Jake arched up as he felt the huge tool squashing his tough cock back against his balls.

RJ released the head scissors, and moved up, sitting on Jake's head and pinning his arms with his knees.

RJ then slugged Jake in the gut twice. Jake grunted, but took the punches.

Jamie went back to work on his man's erection.

Jake could feel the tough Python starting to whip him down. His thug cock was throbbing under the Python relentless attack. Jamie was humping and pumping his rigid teen tool from every direction.

Jake tried to throw RJ off, but the attack on his cock was sapping his strength.

RJ slugged the thug in the gut a couple of more times.

Jake grunted.

Jamie continued to ride Jake' now flaccid erection.

Jake moaned softly as he felt his cock start to spew its load.

RJ slugged him again.

Jamie continued to grind and pump Jake's spewing cock.

"All right, enough, I submit." Jake said though clinched teeth and panting breaths.

Jamie ceased his cock attack.

RJ rolled off Jake's chest. As he did he turned to face his man. RJ had a big grin on his face.

Jake looked at RJ, "Guess I did deserve that."

RJ nodded. "Yeah you did." He rolled on top of Jake, locking his lips on his thug lover. RJ pressed down hard.

Jake responded to the kiss, and powered back into the musclepunk.

Jamie watched RJ and Jake, than nodded to Pecker.

Jamie wasn't done yet. His Python was still itching for some action.

Jamie reached his hand between RJ's legs and tugged on his stud cock. RJ winced when he felt the pressure on his rigid dick.

RJ tried to reach back and remove Jamie's hand, but Jake locked his arms. "No way, boy. Now I get to watch you suffer."

Jake rolled from under RJ.

Then to RJ's surprise, Jake went and sat down to watch.

Jamie released his hold on RJ's cock. "Ready for another go, punk."

RJ looked at his young protégé, "Don't get cocky boy. This time it will be different."

Jamie made a jerk off motion to the Musclepunk. "Prove it to me."

RJ smiled, "Boy, last time I took it easy on you."

Jamie shook his head. He wondered if he had pushed RJ to far. He watched as RJ flexed his big biceps.

The two adversaries circled.

They powered into each other. Jamie felt RJ's muscular arms wrap him in a tight body hug. RJ powered his stud cock into the Python. Jamie grunted as he felt the power of RJ's muscular tool and his lower body.

Jamie ground back against his stud opponent. He knew he had to be careful. RJ outweighed him by forty plus pounds of solid muscle. Jamie slipped a punch to RJ's abs. The punch just bounced off the ripped abdominal muscles.

Jamie separated their lower bodies, and let just the tip of his Python attack RJ's rigid erection. Jamie ground gently against the head of the musclepunk penis.

RJ pumped up his big biceps and hugged Jamie close to him. As he did, his cock punched hard into Jamie's erection. RJ started to pump and grind against the Python.

Jamie grunted as he felt the potent stud tool forcing his big dick back against his balls. He could tell RJ was still pumped up.

Jamie tried to fight back, but RJ had a killer body hug cinched in. The harder RJ ground down, the tighter his bear hug was becoming.

Jamie started to breath quicker, as he felt his Python giving in to RJ's potent cock rub.

RJ thrust his powerful erection hard into Jamie's massive cock, again. Jamie felt his Python receding.

Jamie wanted to submit, but he had taken RJ before. He forced his legs between RJ's legs and pushed back. RJ tripped and fell to the mat. Jamie came down on top of him, his big dick squashing RJ's stud cock. RJ grunted as he felt his cock being forced down against his legs.

Jamie slugged him in the gut, then landed a fist to his balls. RJ groaned as Jamie's fist busted his balls.

Jamie smiled, and punched his stud opponent in the nuts again. he knew how to handle a bigger man. RJ had taught him.

Jamie scissored RJ's legs. His Python was now fully erect. He powered into the musclepunk cock. RJ felt Jamie's big dick working his stud cock over. RJ tried to power back, but Jamie's leg whipped him back to the mat. RJ grunted. RJ could feel his stud cock start to throb.

"What's wrong buddy. Can't handle a piss-ant boy with a big dick?" Jake said from the sidelines.

RJ balled up his fist and punched Jamie in the gut. Not hard, but hard enough for the boy to feel. Jamie grunted, almost doubling over.

Jamie looked at RJ, grinned, and slugged him in the cock. RJ arched up in agony. Jamie's fist had landed perfectly.

Both Pecker and Jake were surprised Jamie had reacted that way. but not as surprised as RJ.

RJ was breathing hard, trying to recover from the blow to his hard dick. Jamie had his fist ready to punch RJ's cock a second time.

RJ moved his hands quickly. He locked Jamie's arms in a contest of strength. In one fluid motion, in spite of the pain in his groin, he flipped the young teen off.

He held Jamie pinned to the mat. His first instinct was to slide his knee to Jamie's groin, but he could not be that mean. Jamie was still learning. Instead he straddled the teen's body, locking his vice like legs around Jamie's groin area.

Jamie grunted as he felt his lower body being crushed in RJ's powerful legs. RJ drove his sturdy cock into the Python. Jamie grunted as he tried to take the studs vicious cock crush attack.

Jamie could feel his large dick shrinking under RJ's vicious attack. The muscle punk was being relentless.

Jamie struggled to push his erection up against the man's powerful pumps. The teen winced and locked his eyes with RJ's. "You think you've got my dick, don't you?" he asked mischievously.

RJ exuded manhood over the young teen wrestler and smiled confidently. "Your cock is mine, boy."

Jamie thrust his cock upward but could not budge the powerful mandick. The teen wrestler grunted and said, "Is that your final answer?"

RJ responded by squeezing his legs scissors, pressing his hips down, and grinding Jamie's cock.

"Pecker!" Jamie called out.

Pecker, who had been sitting quietly at matside nursing his boner, slid across the mat and reached between RJ's legs.

In a cross somewhere between a laugh and a sneaky giggle, Pecker locked his fist on RJ's rigid mantool and pulled back.

RJ rose to the occasion as he felt the boy's fingers wrapping around his cock and jerking it back between his legs. "What the ------? Jake!"

All RJ got for a response from Jake was a slight chuckle, but no assistance. He knew then, his lover had been forewarned of tonight's little surprise and had decided to reverse the payback.

RJ briefly forgot about Jamie as he tried to save his dick. The musclepunk released Jamie's arms and legs and stood up to his knees, trying to get Pecker's fist off his cock. Jamie slid out from under him.

RJ was twisting around in an effort to get at Pecker. The young wrestler was bending his ankles back and sitting on them while pulling on his penis.

As Pecker attacked from behind and RJ struggled to free himself, Jamie attacked from the front. RJ felt the teen's fists punching his stomach.

When he turned to ward off Jamie's gutpunches, Pecker grabbed his arms and pulled them back. The teen was holding RJ in a modified surfboard. RJ flexed his muscles and powered his arms forward. Pecker leaned back with his bodyweight, pulling RJ's arms backwards while sitting on his folded ankles.

Jamie punched RJ's stomach and watched the musclepunk erection jut forward in response.

RJ could hear Pecker laughing as he struggled to break free.

Jamie socked him in the gut repeatedly. The teen wrestler wasn't trying to hit hard enough to hurt RJ. He was hitting hard enough to make RJ's cock get more and more rigid.

With each gutpunch, RJ's erection pointed higher and strained. The musclepunk cock was demanding satisfaction.

As Pecker sat astride RJ's folded ankles and struggled to hold RJ's arms back, Jamie teased RJ's erection.

"Let's see how long it is," Jamie said, locking his fist on RJ's protruding penis. The teen wrestler kneeled forward and licked RJ's cockhead while fist-jerking his cock.

RJ felt his cock throbbing, desperately wanting to release. He held back, not wanting the two teens to dominate him.

Jamie's hard fist shoved RJ's cock into his mouth and he worked it over with his tongue. RJ threw his head back in ecstasy and hollered, "Jake, you Bastard, you planned this!"

Jake crawled onto the mat and tapped Jamie's shoulder. Jamie released his liplock, and Jake knelt down to RJ's cockhead, taking it into his mouth.

Jake locked his eyes with RJ's.

Jamie locked his hands on RJ's tits and began rubbing his nipples with his thumbs. Pecker struggled to hold RJ, pulling back on his arms and sitting on his ankles.

RJ allowed himself to roll backwards, escaping Jake's tormenting tongue.

Pecker hooked RJ's legs and rolled backwards with him. Like a sturdy young wrestler, Pecker held RJ's arms and legs so that his back arched and his cock thrust up in the air.

Jake resumed his liplock on RJ's penis while Jamie worked on his nipples.

"Give it up?" Jamie asked.

"No," RJ said, struggling to break free from Pecker. Jake sucked on RJ's cock while Jamie punched his gut.

This was all wrong, RJ thought. He was supposed to be giving Jake some payback. Instead, he was being triple-teamed by a ganglet of teenagers.

Jamie punched RJ's gut with one hand while rubbing his nipple with the other hand. When RJ's cock thrust upward in response to the gut-punches, Jake worked him over with this lips and tongue.

RJ managed to break his arms free from Pecker. The teen had held the musclepunk for as long as he could. RJ rose to his knees and locked Jamie in a headlock while kicking Pecker away with his feet and pulling Jake's head away from his cock.

"Let's get him," Jake said.

The three soldierboys tackled RJ: Jamie, still locked in RJ's headlock, locked the musclepunk in a bearhug and tried to throw him down to the mat. Pecker wrapped himself around RJ's legs. Jake tackled RJ's upper body.

The four guys grappled in a bundle of arms and legs.

In the end, the three teens held RJ pinned. Jamie sat with his legs spread over RJ's shoulders and his knees on RJ's biceps, his python resting across RJ's face. Pecker sat on RJ's legs. Jake straddled RJ's hips with his hands on RJ's cock.

Jamie and Jake were taking turns popping their fist into RJ's gut while Jake milked his dick.

Jamie rubbed his cock against RJ's lips and nose. "Have you had enough?" he asked.

"No," RJ said. Jake whipped his meat and made the boner shoot off. At this point, it didn't take much effort to make RJ shoot his load.

"Make him say it," Jake said.

"Say what?" RJ asked, struggling to get his arms from under Jamie's knees.

Jamie held him pinned and rode his shoulders, rubbing his cockhead against RJ's mouth. "Say, 'Teens Rule,'" the teen wrestler commanded.

"No," RJ said.

Jamie shrugged. "Okay, musclepunk. You stay here until you say it."

He punched RJ's stomach and RJ's erection stood at attention while Jake milked it some more.

"Okay," RJ said, "Teens rule." Quietly, he promised himself that this was not over. He would make Jamie and Pecker and, yes, Jake, pay for this triple-team attack.

The teens got off their man and allowed RJ to stand to his feet, his cock whipped and going soft. Jake wrapped his arms around the musclepunk and kissed him. "I love you," he said, "I guess I fucked up your surprise."

RJ responded to the hug from his man. He pulled Jake tightly against his sweaty body, grinding their hard tits together. He leaned his head close to Jake's ear and whispered, "Boy, if I didn't love you..."RJ's lips bore down on Jake's, as their tongues battled.

Pecker and Jamie disappeared into the kitchen and returned with hot chocolate. Jake was still kissing RJ, whose cock had returned to its normal rigidity.

The four sat drinking their hot chocolate and discussing everything from wrestling camp to the latest news about Dallas and Josh dating.

When they finished their drinks, Jamie got dressed. Then he and Pecker bid RJ and Jake good night. Both knew the two lovers had some things to discuss.

After Jamie and Pecker left, RJ took Jake's hand in his and led him to the bedroom. They had plenty to discuss.

Shane vs Shooter

Story # 76 Message # 1547-1550

Shane and Don were visiting Jake and RJ at their place when Shooter stopped by. Shane had heard about Shooter's unbeatable 'Italian Studwhip' and Shooter had heard about Shane's 'Bronco Buster' and his title as 'King Cock'. Shooter had wanted to challenge Shane in a man2man cockfight to see which one was really 'King Cock'. Shane had also admired Shooter's ability and had an itch to find out just how good Shooter really was. Tonight, that itch was going to get scratched.

RJ was delighted that Shooter had stopped by; for he had wanted to see Shooter and Shane tie up in a stud match cock wrestling. RJ handed Shooter a beer and turned the conversation to Shooter's last winning match and bragged on Shooter's unbeatable 'Italian Studwhip'. Shane's honor was becoming bruised by RJ's bragging and spoke up that Shooter's record was only as good as the studs he whipped and that he had yet to be really tested. Shooter's ego then flared up and he asked Shane if he would like to be the one that tested it next! RJ, Jake, and Don looked at each other and smiled, as they knew that the match of the champions was brewing to a climax.

Shane stood, grabbed his crotch, and looked square at Shooter and said, "You want me to make you famous". Shooter stood, grabbed his crotch, and said, "You had better be a man if you are going to take on the man". With that, the match was on.

RJ kindly motioned the two studs to the 'matroom', which had already been the scene of some of the best cockfighting around. Shooter and Shane wasted no time in stripping, as both studs wanted the other as his trophy. Shane and Shooter eyed each other for a while. Shane liked Shooter's body and his sexy patch of chest hair. Shooter was taken by Shane's good looks and his large endowment. RJ, Jake, and Don settled in by the mats and RJ and Don were placing a private wager between them on the outcome of the match and Jake was enjoying the thought of taking the title of 'King Cock' from the winner.

Shane boldly eased up to Shooter, rubbing his chest against Shooters and easing his cock along side Shooters. Shooter responded by bumping back into Shane's chest and spearing Shane's cock with his own. Shane grinned and shot his cock back into Shooter's and the two stood toe-to-toe spearing cocks into each other.

But then Shooter scored a hit to Shane's sizeable balls and Shane flinched and backed up away from Shooter. Shooter knew he had scored a good hit on Shane and grinned as he rushed in and speared Shane's balls again. Shane gasped this time and backed up somewhat bent over. Shooter grinned, as he knew he had stunned Shane and moved in for the kill. Shane seeing Shooter coming in, held out his arms to block Shooter, but Shooter grabbed Shane's arms and pushed them behind Shane as he lined his cock up and rapidly speared Shane's balls with three solid stabs. Shane gasped and leaned forward and Shooter took his leg and ran it between Shane's legs and locked his foot behind Shane's ankle and tripped Shane sending him sprawling on his back to the mat. As Shane hit the mat, his legs shot up in the air and Shooter grabbed both of them and spread Shane's legs out and dropped his knees into Shane's thighs. Shane hollered out as Shooter buried his knees into Shane's outstretched thighs. Shooter then fell forward on top of Shane, his massive cock slapping against Shane's massive cock and pressing it back down onto Shane's abs. Shooter decided to torment Shane some more by pinning down Shane's arms and then attacking Shane's nips with his mouth. Shane bucked up and hollered as Shooter laid into Shane's hard tight nips chewing and twisting them as Shane tossed and suffered. Shooter worked Shane's nips first one and then the other.

Shooter then sized up Shane's predicament and quickly rolled his legs over Shane's legs and locked his feet together underneath Shane's legs putting in place the 'Italian Studwhip' Shooter was know for. Shane felt his adversary setting him up and struggled helplessly as Shooter locked in his studwhip hold on Shane. Shane's hard cock fought back against Shooter's driving attack. Shooter impaled his cock down onto Shane's, thrusting and grinding Shane's young stud cock down. Shane tried vainly to thrust back up into Shooter's cock, but Shooter's leg lock on Shane prevented Shane from getting much lift out of his thrust. Shane begin to show signs of fear of losing the match as Shooter was working Shane's cock down and now was working his cock head into Shane's exposed cock head and setting Shane up for the kill. Shane tossed his head back and clinched his teeth as he closed his eyes fighting the urge of his cock to submit to Shooter's cock's dominating attack. Shooter was all smiles as he watched the man he so wanted to whip begin to fall to him. Shooter seeing Shane's expose neck as he tossed his head back, and fell onto Shane and locked a grip on Shane's neck with his mouth and sucked on Shane's neck as Shane moaned out. Shooter quickens his cock grinding pace. Shane was hollering out as Shooter sucked on his neck and Shane pushed his head against Shooter's head and was able to lock his mouth on Shooter's ear.

Down on Shooter's ear Shane chewed. Shooter now was the one hollering and it broke the rhythm of his cock attack on Shane. Shane was able to free his arm as Shooter began to try and pull away from Shane's grasp of his ear. Shane grabbed a handful of Shooter's hair and with his strength jerked Shooter's head over as Shooter begin to give up his body hold on Shane. Shane was able to roll them on their side and Shane then clamped his mouth down on Shooter's hard nips and twist and tore into Shooter's chest. Shooter sprawled on over in an attempt to roll away from Shane, but Shane knew how to ride a steer down to the ground and Shooter proved no less of a problem to Shane than any wild steer he had rodeo before.

Shane wasted no time in consolidating his position on top of Shooter and now begun to teach Shooter the 'Bronco Buster'. Don was crazy with excitement as his Cowboy showed why he was his Cowboy. Shane was all over Shooter. He kicked Shooter's legs out wide and planted his legs as he used the power of his hips to thrust and spear his cock into Shooter's mantool and with each pounding, knocking the power and the will of Shooter's cock to fight back. Shane attack Shooter's neck, but not on the side but in the flesh right under his chin, thus in effect choking off Shooter's breathing in a vampire grip. Shane's body was a sight to behold as it lifted into the air and slammed with brutal force down onto Shooter's wavering body. Shooter's once proud mancock, which had tested victory so many times, now tasted the scent of a man size cock whipping. Shane locked his fingers tightly within Shooter's and Shooter's body was now in total remission as Shane rode Shooter's cock down for the count. The quickness and brutality of Shane's cock attack was mantaking. Finally, Shooter could withstand no more and his cock submitted to Shane's overpowering cock attack and gave forth its pride to a superior cock. The 'Italian Studwhip' had been mastered by the 'Bronco Buster' and Shane kept working Shooter's cock to insure a total and compete submission.

Don was laughing and staring into RJ's eyes as RJ looked boyishly on knowing he now had to pay off his bet to Don. Jake was in awe of Shane's miracle comeback and knew that when they finally got together that he was going to be tested like never before. Shooter meanwhile softly whispered to Shane to stop his grinding of Shooter's helpless and submissive cock. Shane stopped his attack on Shooter and then eased down onto Shooter's face and the two embraced and kissed as worthy warriors before Shooter crawled down between Shane's legs and honored Shane's mantool as only a champion can be honored by the man he has just taken.

As Jake watched Shooter honor the rights of the champion, he did not notice that Don and RJ had slipped away to the bedroom for another ritual of a time honored 'settling up'.

Shooter vs Sean

Story # 77 Message # 1552-1559

Wrestling Camp was over. About half the new guys had quit from both the Bucks and the Bulls -- too much getting up early, too much practice, too much exercise, too many drills, to many bruises.

The holidays had come and gone. School had started.

Sean didn't have any friends at school who, didn't wrestle. Everything in his life revolved around the wrestling team.

A lot of the teens didn't understand wrestlers.

What was so great about getting on the floor and twisting another guy's body parts in convoluted ways? For that matter, what was so great about a sport where your face gets shoved into a guy's smelly armpits or his sweaty crotch?

Where's the fun in going home from school everyday with bruises and sprains and sore muscles? Who cares about doing all those weird exercises where you have to spread and stretch yourself around another guy's body?

Why would anybody participate in a sporting event that nobody attends except a handful of parents (who don't know the rules)?

Sean had made varsity.

On the Saturday before returning to school, he scored well in his first match, beating a tough senior from Biloxi.

RJ and Jake showed up at the weigh-in at 6 a.m. and hung around with the team all day. The coach was glad to see them since most of the guys' parents didn't even show up

-- and because Jake rooted for the team and kept the refs on their toes. Jake was a mouthy wrestling fan who noticed everything about every match. If the ref missed a call, Jake knew it and usually had something to say about it.

RJ bought lunch for all the guys, both the Bulls and the Bucks. Jake knew a lot of background on the wrestlers from the other teams, their weaknesses and their strengths.

He made most of the conversation when the guys were just sitting around waiting for a match. RJ didn't have much to say, but Sean overheard him cussing when Jamie got dinked during a match and the ref didn't see it.

As a reward on the day after the matches, Jeff took Sean out to lunch on Bourbon Street and then to The Combat Zone for mint juleps.

Jamie, Pecker, Antonio, Jason, and Josh -- most of the cadet varsity Bucks were playing pool or video games. They greeted Jeff and Sean with high fives and low fives, congratulating Sean on his no-loss record. He laughed along with them since he'd only won one match so far, the one he wrestled Saturday.

RJ and Jake were sitting at a table with Don and Shane. They waved.

Shooter and Derrick, teenage marines from a nearby army base, were also there with some of their army pals.

Shooter and Derrick were only about a year older than Sean and Jeff, but their life circumstances had led them to the marines before graduating from high school.

Shooter walked over to the table where Sean and Jeff were having drinks with Josh, Jason, and Antonio.

Looking at Sean, the young marine said, "We still on?"

Sean nodded. "Anytime, Shooter."

The soldier flexed his big bicep and nudged it with his fingers. The muscle was big and hard but not really a bodybuilder's muscle. It was big like guys who play defense in football or guys who work as roughnecks.

"You want to compete with my muscle?" Shooter asked him, standing over the table like a cocky stud.

The marine stood looking down at the young wrestler.

Sean pulled on the bulge in his jeans, "You want to compete with my cock?"

The other wrestlers exchanged knowing glances. Everybody at the table knew what was coming.

Shooter rolled his tongue inside his cheek and pulled down on the chest of his black T-shirt. He looked down at the protrusion in Sean's jeans and said, "That's the idea."

The marine bent over the table and pumped his bicep in Sean's face. "How about a contest of hardness?"

The other guys let out a low whistle and fingered their cocks. No doubt about it: the young marine was issuing a challenge to Sean.

The marine tipped his black combat cap. He curled his bicep against Sean's upper arm.

With his free hand, he reached across and pinched Sean's muscle between his thumb and forefinger.

"You've gotten harder since wrestling camp," Shooter said. "You think you could take my muscle power?"

He flexed his muscle in Sean's face.

Jason spoke up. "Shooter, better be careful. He's tougher than you think."

The high school wrestlers all nodded agreement.

Sean locked eyes with the young marine.

Sean eased his chair back from the table and stood up slowly, locking his fingers on Shooter's bulging bicep and squeezing the big round muscle like he was testing a melon.

"You talk big, soldier boy," Sean said as he squeezed the muscle. "Can you back it up?"

The other wrestlers let out low whistles.

Shooter nodded toward the wrestling mat.

"There's one way to find out," he said, looking down at Sean's bluejean crotch. "You game for a match, jockboy?"

Sean almost laughed when the marine called him "Jockboy." Sean had made the varsity team, but he had never thought of himself as a "jock." It was a term he used to refer to high school athletes (which is what he had become without thinking about it).

Sean walked boldly to the mat and pulled off his shirt.

In the dim light of the club, heads turned when Sean stepped under the fluorescent light canopy above the wrestling mat.

Conversations stopped.

Sean stood under the lights, his firm muscles glistening. The lights overhead cast shadows that highlighted the well-defined muscles of his chest and torso. The teen had gotten hard at Wrestling Camp.

Some of the cadets stopped playing pool to admire Sean's chiseled physique under the lights.

Jamie turned to Pecker and said, "Now there's a wrestler that a guy wouldn't mind losing to."

Sean stood silently waiting. He had wanted a private match with Shooter, but he wasn't going to back down from a direct challenge -- especially a challenge issued in the presence of his fellow wrestlers.

Jamie and his friends set their pool cues down on the table and walked closer to the mat as Shooter took a position on the side opposite from Sean.

"You can take him, Sean," Jason called out, standing up from the table and walking to the edge of the mat.

"Yeah, Sean," Josh said, following close behind Jason. "Take it to him."

Some of the other wrestlers from camp made catcalls and cheered their support.

Sean was surprised. He had never thought about support from friends. He had underestimated the camaraderie produced by 3 weeks of wrestling camp.

Some of the army locals called out to Shooter. "Kick his butt, Shooter. He's just a weasley junior in high school."

One of the soldiers called Sean a "faggot-boy," and the other soldiers laughed. Jeff walked over to the soldier and put his hand on his shoulder, asking him if he'd like to repeat the comment. The young grunt explained that he was only joking because they were all gay, nothing personal.

(Calling a guy a "faggot" is nothing personal when you're kidding around in the locker room or during practice. Nowadays, in a club full of gay wrestlers it may be taken as an insult if the guys don't know you or if you say it the wrong way.)

Shooter pulled off his T-shirt and flexed his big muscles, posing like a confident he-man.

Jeff walked over to Sean and kissed him, while squeezing his ass.

"I'm right here beside you, just like wrestling camp," he said reassuringly. "I know that you can take him, but don't let him get you in a leg-scissors if you can help it."

Jason and Josh joined Jeff, standing at Sean's side.

RJ and Jake joined the crowd gathering around the wrestling mat.

Jake met Sean's eyes. The teen pointed to his crotch and pulled on his balls and then pointed at Shooter. Jake unbuttoned the top button on his beltless jeans and nodded in Sean's direction.

The sign was clear: Jake wanted Sean to challenge Shooter to a crotchfight. Sean thought Jake must be crazy, but he had faith in his friend.

Sean stepped forward on the mat.

Shooter stopped posing and their eyes met.

Sean kicked off his cowboy boots and unbuckled his silver belt buckle which Jeff had given him for Christmas.

Throughout the club, guys began to make low whistles and catcalls as Sean unbuttoned his jeans and pulled down the zipper.

Shooter eyed him in disbelief as Sean slipped out of his jeans, revealing a large cock straining against a white jockstrap.

Jake nodded his approval and gave Sean a thumbs-up. RJ was trying to remain statementless, but he looked more like the cat that ate the cream.

"Whoa, horsey!" It was Jamie's voice.

Sean could hear the murmurs as all eyes turned to Shooter for his reaction.

The young marine stood on the opposite side of the mat with his hands on his hips, looking at Sean's unveiling.

Sean put his hand on the large pouch protruding from his jockstrap and cupped it in the palm of his hand, inviting the marine to have a look while mouthing the word, "H-A-R-D-N-E-S-S C-O-N-T-E-S-T."

The crowd broke into more whistles and catcalls.

Shooter tried to stare Sean down while he kicked off his boots in response to Sean's challenge.

More cheering from the teens gathering around the mat. The crowd was eager to see the young wrestler tied up with the young marine.

Sean heard Derrick and some of the other soldiers calling for Shooter to use the studwhip.

As Shooter removed his jeans, his big erection bulged through a pair of white jockey shorts amid catcalls and whistles.

The young marine walked to the center of the mat and flexed his muscles, thrusting his erect tool through the lining of his jockey shorts.

He stood confidently waiting for Sean.

Sean eyed the soldier cautiously.

Shooter flexed his bicep.

Unruffled, Sean flexed his muscle.

As Jamie observed later, "Shooter's looked bigger, but Sean's looked harder."

The two teens approached one another and stood toe to toe. They curled their biceps together as their big dicks bulged in their pouches.

Shooter clamped his bulging arm against Sean's flexed arm. They matched one another, soldier bicep against wrestler bicep.

The two teens powered up their cannonball muscles and competed in a contest of hardness.

Sean could feel Shooter's big marine arm as it muscled against his pumped-up bicep. The teen marine was exerting his upper body, trying to crush Sean's muscle down into submission.

Sean's bicep, though smaller, resisted and fought back.

Sean's athletic muscles were hard and tight. He battled with the soldier's arm.

The marine's pumped-up muscle felt itself getting squeezed by the high school wrestler's hard muscle.

Shooter's arm quivered as the soldier tried to force Sean to his knees.

Sean applied his muscle harder and grinded against Shooter's.

The marine winced and struggled to take Sean's hardness.

Sean pumped up his arm and began dropping Shooter to his knees.

Shooter's arm was struggling against the high school wrestler's rigid muscle.

A low murmur rose from the crowd as the muscleboy marine grimaced and dropped down on his knees.

With Shooter kneeling in submission to Sean's hardness, the young marine pouch was going softer.

Sean could hear some of the teen wrestlers cheering for him to jump on the marine with a crotch attack.

Shooter winced as the smaller brawler locked his arm muscle on the soldier's bicep, putting a crusher-squeeze on.

Sean felt his cock getting harder as he dominated the big marine with his compact wrestler muscles.

"You got him, Sean!" Jeff shouted, surrounded by cheering wrestlers. "Go for his cock!"

Sean's rigid tool broke free of his jockstrap and jutted upward, ready to attack the marine cock.

Shooter's face was cringing as he struggled to take the potent upper arm of the high school wrestler.

Sean was claiming the advantage as he flexed his hard bicep against the soldier and forced him to flinch from the fight.

The young marine could see the erect wrestler penis powering up for an attack.

From the sidelines, Ricco (Pecker) noticed the strain in Shooter's face as the marine pumped up his arm and battled to take Sean's crushing bicep curl man to man.

"Sean's hard as a rock," Ricco told Jamie.

Jamie nodded. "His determination and dedication remind me of RJ," he said. "I think the two brothers have more traits in common than people realize."

As the two teens admired the power of their wrestling comrade, Sean tried to force Shooter down to his back.

The soldier resisted and pumped up his arm.

Sean's jaw was clenched with manly tenacity, his teeth grinding together with macho resolve, as he powered against Shooter's muscle and tried to hold the marine on his knees in submission.

But Shooter was fighting back with ferocity.

The teenage marine powered up his bicep and pumped up his big muscles

Sean's arm felt the resistance as the marine muscled up and rose to his feet.

The other marines cheered as Shooter flexed up and applied a crushing reverse curl on Sean.

The high school wrestler battled biceps with his marine challenger.

Sean rose to his tiptoes and then dropped to his knees as Shooter reversed the bicep crush.

Shooter looked down at Sean and smiled. "Who's got who, boy?" he asked.

Sean heard RJ cheering. "Come on, Sean! Don't let the muscleboy marine do that to you!"

Sean was surprised to hear his brother's voice shouting encouragement.

"Come on, Sean!" Jason shouted. "Arch your muscle. Make it peak!"

The young marine and the high school wrestler were beginning to sweat as they struggled together.

Shooter had Sean on his knees when he broke it up.

The marine stepped back and nursed his arm.

Sean was glad to break it up, but he did his best to look tough and intimidating.

His big cock had shrunk back a little when he dropped to his knees. His pouch wasn't as hard. He looked at Shooter's bulge and noted with satisfaction that the marine's tool was not as hard either.

They circled.

Sean ducked in and picked up Shooter's leg, dropping the big marine onto his back.

The wrestlers cheered.

Sean didn't understand why Shooter had not countered his leg sweep, but Shooter had not been to wrestling camp doing hours of drills and practice.

In an actual fight, the marine would have relied on brawn and killer moves rather than wrestling proficiency.

Sean's determination at wrestling practice was paying off in skill and speed; but he didn't realize it.

Sean wrapped Shooter's leg around his calf and twisted the ankle while holding the marine's other ankle pinned down with his foot.

The marine lay on his back and grimaced as the high school wrestler tormented the ligaments and tendons in his knee.

Holding the soldier in a submissive leg lock, Sean's eyes fell to the bulging marine cock in Shooter's jockey shorts.

Sean pulled off his own jock strap and the crowd cheered as his muscular penis flared free of constraint.

"Cockwhip! Cockwhip! Cockwhip!" came the chant.

Sean pulled Shooter's jockey shorts away from his crotch, releasing his leg long enough to remove the shorts.

The soldier dick soared upward, and Sean slapped it down.

He resumed his torment of Shooter's knee, twisting and contorting the ligaments.

The marine struggled to pull away and managed to land a couple of punches to Sean's midsection.

When Sean's boner rose proud and erect in response to the marine's gutpunches, Shooter realized that it was a mistake to gutpunch RJ's brother.

RJ, Jake, and the rest of the club watched as Sean's dick raised itself erect and stood upright, cocked for a whipper hold.

The high school wrestler was feeling dominant over the marine.

Sean released Shooter's legs and pounced on the marine's penis with a crotch attack.

The soldier was on his back with Sean on top of him, straddling his hips and riding on his cock.

The marine's dick felt itself getting a whipping from the wrestler's aggressive tool.

Sean's gigantic erection punched the marine tool down and rubbed it with militant dominance.

Shooter felt his boner getting beat by the wrestler's combative crotch attack.

The marine's powerful arms fell in submission as Sean's dick established male dominance over the soldier penis.

"What's the matter, muscleboy?" Sean asked. "Has a weasley high school junior got your potent marine-cock? Who's winning the hardness contest?"

Sean's hard dick continued to grind and rub Shooter's soldier stud.

The young marine lay beneath the jock wrestler getting his ass whipped.

"Okay, I submit, Sean," Shooter said, his marine cock shooting a load of cum beneath the wrestler's crotch-whip.

Sean continued to whip the soldier's meat, and Shooter lay submissively beneath the hard wrestler.

Sean's friends from Wrestling Camp cheered him on.

Amid the revelry, Sean heard RJ saying to some of the club members, "That's my kid brother. He's a varsity wrestler for the Bulls this season."

Jamie and Pecker admired Sean's rugged boner.

Shooter later referred to the hard wrestler's dick as "the baseball bat that Sean calls a cock."

For a long time afterward, when talking to other soldiers about cock strength, sometimes he would say, "one of the best beatings I ever got came from Sean's billy club."

Secretly, Shooter was proud of (and proud for) the teen because Sean didn't give up even when his parents had rejected him for being gay.

The young man was, after all, trying to do something constructive with his life.

Shooter thought that Jeff was lucky to have a friend like Sean.

Bart vs Don

Story # 73 Message # 1523-1526

When Bart returned from the Stud Ranch, the first thing on his mind was looking up Don to settle up with him over Don's remarks about his 'fire hose' and how he was going to use it on Bart. Bart planned on sexually distracting Don and then catching him in a submission hold, reverse Don's planned cockrub threat. Just the thought of such a victory brought a big smile to Bart's face.

Bart called Don up and invited himself over, but Don was more than willing to accommodate him. When Bart arrived at Don's place, they went straight to the mat room (like the one RJ and Jake had).

Bart stripped down to his black bikini strap briefs and Don stripped to a purple pair of the same type. Both men took their time eyeing each other and moving slowly into each other's range. Both men were well- developed, well endowed, good looking and both stared at each other with a lustful smile on their faces. Bart was using his boyish good looks and charm to come on to Don and Don was reacting to his ploy. As they moved closer to each other, Bart reached out and caressed Don's bulge through his stretched briefs. Don eased his hand out to Bart's endowment and caressed it as well. As the two closed into each other, their hands were fondling the other's bulge and caressing the other's chest. Bart's plan was working as he pushed Don's buttons and sexually teased him. Bart moved his arms around Don's upper body in a bearhug as he pressed his body into Don's. As Bart pressed his body into Don's, Bart started to grind his bulge into Don's as Don then started grinding his back into Bart's. Bart rubbed his hard tits against Don's as Don's arms tighten its bearhug around Bart. Don remarked to Bart about his sexually turn-on moves he was using. Bart's answer was a hot kiss he planted on Don's lips, which Don immediately returned. The two men were now going at each other hot and hard trying to get the upper hand on each other. Bart was the aggressor now and Bart had Don on the defensive and Bart used the moment to hook his leg around Don's and drop Don to the mat on his back.

Bart then moved in between Don's legs and planted his left foot into Don's crotch and foot massaged Don's bulge through his soft cotton briefs. Don moaned at Bart's aggressive moves and Bart used his foot and toes to perfection. Don raised his right leg up and rubbed his foot into the edge of Bart's brief strap and got his toes up into Bart's briefs and started caressing Bart's mantool.

Bart then took his foot and ran it inside Don's brief's strap and started working Don's cock into a raging hard. As Don gasped again and tried to maintain his upward attack on Bart, Bart slapped Don's leg away and jumped on top of Don in a full body press and grabbing Don's shoulders, Bart mounted his brief's bulge on top of Don's and started grinding away in earnest. The two cocks quickly exposed themselves out from under the confine of their briefs to allow the two heads a chance to grind into each other. Bart was going at Don as hard as he could. His only chance was to keep Don on the defensive and score a quick cockfight win. But Don responded with his own attack on Bart. Don worked his arms and hands up into Bart's chest and started working his nips. This took some of the sting out of Bart's cock attack. Don then started working his hips and lower back to thrust his cock up into Bart's, keeping Bart from dominating him. Don then slapped his leg to the mat and rolled him and Bart over onto Bart's back. Don then rose up and slammed his fist into Bart's pecs and stomach in rapid succession. Don then stood up and yanked Bart's briefs off and then took his own briefs off and stuffed Bart's briefs inside his brief's bulge impression and tossed them aside on the mat exclaiming the winner got to keep them both. Bart tried to raise his legs to get at Don, but Don grabbed them both and spread them wide as he ground his foot into Bart's exposed crotch. Bart moaned and hollered out as Don pressed his foot into Bart's cock and balls. Bart's plan was coming undone and Don now jumped on Bart's chest and wrapped his legs around Bart's legs in a grapevine and manhandled Bart's hands down to the mat with his. Don laid raised on Bart's chest as he looked down at Bart and told him it was time. Don then launched into a hot and heavy cock grinding session against Bart's swollen power and the match for best top man was on.

Bart could not match Don's thrusting cock attack, and Don's biting tit attack was taking Bart down for the count. Bart squirmed and gasped as Don laid into him. Bart tried to wrestle Don's hands with his, but Don just tightens his grip and Bart's hands stayed pinned. Don was grinding and thrusting his cock into Bart's and their bodies were so close that Don nips were ripping into Bart's, matching tit grind for cock thrust. Don nuts hung low and slammed steadily into Bart's. Don released his grapevine on Bart as he felt Bart slip into submission and now used his legs and hips to add to his thrusting cock attack. Don pressed his cock down into Bart's and wiggled and twisted Bart's cock with his until he had Bart's cock lined up for the kill. Bart's cock was feeling the whipping that Don's cock was laying on. Bart was gasping and tossing his head back and forth and begging for Don not to finish him off.

But Don was here to teach Bart once and for all not to fuck with him again. Bart's plea went unheard as Don plowed his way to a cock whipping victory over Bart's beaten man. As Don's cock took full measure of Bart's and milked Bart's cock to dry gasping ejections, Don whispered into Bart's ear "you can't take on the fire hose!". As Bart lay submissive on his back, Don straddled Bart's chest and drove his victorious mantool into Bart's gasping mouth and out of the light Don's cockhead disappeared. Bart learned first hand the price of losing a high stakes match and just what a fireman's fire hose can do to a four-alarm stud. Don thrust his cock deep into Bart's throat and filled Bart's mouth with his sweet manseeds. Bart had gotten pounded hard and long and taken as a man by a man. Bart now knew his master and submitted to his desires. As Don released Bart to leave, Bart promised Don he would have his hat in his hand the next time they met, a matter of respect Bart had learned from Shane.

After experiencing first-hand, (no pun intended), the cockwhip of a master stud, Bart thought he would like to challenge Don to a rematch.

After all, Bart decided, there are times when losing feels like winning.

Maybe next time he wouldn't be so easy on Don.

Derrick Vs RJ

Story # 80 Message # 1585-1592

Derrick, a young marine from a military base near New Orleans, met RJ in the gym for a one-on-one workout.

Sean, Antonio, and Jamie were working with weights in the corner.

The teenage marine walked onto the mat clad only in black gym shorts.

He stood rocking back and forth on his bare heels, punching his fist into his hand.

"Come on, musclepunk," he called to RJ in the locker room. "Bring your cocky white ass out here so I can put some hurt on you."

The three teens stopped their workout and looked at each other. This might be fun to watch.

After having watched Jonah whip his brother RJ, Sean thought it would be fun to watch the well-built black Marine take it to the uppity white-boy.

RJ emerged from the locker room, also barefoot, wearing a pair of faded jean cut-offs.

"I hear you talking, jarhead," he said to the black skinheaded marine. He walked onto the mat and stood facing Derrick. "You're in a hurry to get your cueball noggin' blistered today."

Derrick flexed his bulging bicep. He was proud of his muscular marine body.

"Come on,musclepunk. Let's see what you can do against a teenage marine," Derrick said, flexing up his long black dong through his shorts.

"SoldierBOY," RJ said, circling with Derrick. "You need to be taught some manly discipline."

"Who's going to do it?" the teenager asked. "Do you think you're man enough?"

Still watching from the corner, Sean felt himself getting hard as Derrick challenged RJ.

Sean noticed Jamie and Antonio were fingering erections.

RJ's eyes scanned the well-defined body of the young marine. "Like taking chocolate candy from a baby," he said.

Sean, Antonio, and Jamie looked at each other and exchanged grins.

Derrick lunged forward and scooped RJ's leg, but the musclepunk's cannonball arms were already capturing the soldier's shaved head in a front facelock.

RJ rolled himself backwards, pulling Derrick's head down under his arm.

The marine kept his hook on RJ's leg and the two guys lay entangled on the mat.

RJ's arms remained sickled around Derrick's head while the teen held RJ's knee crooked toward his stomach, trying to force the leg back over RJ's torso so that RJ's toes touched his forehead.

RJ grunted as Derrick stretched his foot back over his head.

Derrick grunted. "You white folks never should have freed us black folks if you didn't want some payback," he said to RJ.

Maintaining the front facelock in spite of the leg contortion, the musclepunk rubbed his forearm into the marine's nose.

"Let go of my leg," RJ ordered.

"You white folks is always trying to tell us black folks what to do," Derrick said in his best Southern accent. "It's time you learned to TAKE some orders, puny dick."

Derrick responded to RJ's order by stretching the leg harder. RJ thought that the teen marine was trying to separate his leg from his butt. Derrick pressured the leg and tried to flip RJ's body.

"I'll put a knot in your cueball head," RJ threatened, using the front facelock to rub Derrick's head against the mat surface.

The marine grunted as RJ's bicep and forearm muscled and twisted his shaved head down.

"And I'll split your cocky white hide like a wishbone," the teenager said from under RJ's arm.

The young marine pressured RJ's foot over his head, stretching the tendons in RJ's leg and causing the muscles to cramp.

The musclepunk maintained his control on Derrick's head while rolling himself back, doing a virtual somersault. In order to keep his head attached to his neck, the marine was compelled to flip over backwards.

Both men landed on their knees, still locked together. RJ maintained his front facelock on Derrick's skinhead, his forearm still braced across the marine's nose.

Derrick had RJ's knee hooked under his arm, struggling to pull the musclepunk's leg out from under him and throw him on his back to the mat.

RJ pulled his leg loose and spread his legs out behind him, leaning into the front facelock, driving Derrick down on his stomach, forcing the marine's face into the mat.

The powerful teenager lay on the canvas with his head trapped under RJ's arms.

Derrick's arms grappled with RJ's upper body, looking for a point of leverage. RJ muscled the soldier's head and held him down.

"Give it up?" RJ asked, pulling on the teen's thick neck, wrenching the head tighter between his bicep and forearm.

"Ain't givin' up to no cocky, blond-headed whiteboy," Derrick grunted as RJ grinded his face. "You goin' down, musclepunk."

The marine tried to bring himself up, and RJ forced his bodyweight against Derrick's neck, pushing with his legs in an effort to drive the marine back down to his stomach.

Sean could see the definition in the teen's shoulders and biceps as the young marine strained to power up. He imagined what it must be like to feel that much strength coming from a man's body and his boner strained against its skin.

Derrick managed to maneuver up to his knees. RJ muscled against the powerful neck and crawled backward, pulling the soldier toward him. The marine folded under the pressure of RJ's muscles and bodyweight.

Derrick fell to his stomach again, feeling dominated.

Jamie winced as he thought about the power behind RJ's muscles. The cadet wrestler respected RJ's tremendous strength but secretly yearned to be held in RJ's powerful arms.

"Give it up?" RJ asked, rubbing his forearm across the young marine's face.

"Hell no,you ugly-looking white-boy," Derrick said. "Ain't no puny-dick punk gonna make me give."

Sean, Antonio, and Jamie looked at each other and grinned.

The marine locked his fingers on RJ's wrists and struggled to pull RJ's hands apart. RJ punished him by muscling his head.

"Cocksucker," Derrick grunted.

RJ pumped up his biceps and grinded his muscular forearm hard against the teen's face.

"What did you say?" RJ asked.

"Cocksucker," Derrick repeated. "You're a cocksucker."

RJ released the teen's head and stood up. Derrick looked surprised.

His dark eyes watched RJ warily as he stood up.

The musclepunk removed his jeans. Sean, Antonio, Jamie, and Derrick watched closely as RJ's mantool slid out of his package and stood up. The big cockshaft looked like a long solid muscle.

"Come on, jarhead," RJ challenged, pulling on his hard dick. "We'll see who's a cocksucker."

The three teens exchanged knowing glances. The boys pulled their boners out of their shorts and pointed at their cocks with their thumbs down.

Derrick stepped back to the edge of the mat, out of RJ's range, and removed his gym shorts. His long, thick cock had retreated into its foreskin.

The teenage marine pulled on the loose skin around his cockshaft and jerked his penis up and down, making it harder.

Sean, Antonio, and Jamie walked closer to the side of the mat for a better view. This was getting good.

"You think you can take my marine cock?" Derrick said to RJ.

(Jamie and Antonio nodded. Sean shook his head.)

RJ stood authoritatively in the center of the mat. "Bring it on,soldierBOY," he said.

They locked up in a cockfight-bearhug.

Derrick confidently muscled himself against RJ's potent erection. RJ pumped his muscles and rubbed the marine's penis. The soldier grunted as RJ's powertool worked him over.

Sean, Antonio, and Jamie stood at matside, stroking their dicks and watching intently. Antonio wanted to slap a cocksqueeze on Jamie, but he settled for watching the cadet stroke his long dick. He alternated between watching Jamie jerk-off and watching the two guys on the mat.

Derrick felt intimidated. The stout musclepunk penis was whipping against his teendick and rubbing it.

The young marine tried to walk RJ backwards, and RJ picked him up off his feet, grinding his dick.

Derrick felt himself pant as he struggled to take RJ's cockwhip. The teen threw his head back and bulled his big cock against RJ's rigid muscle.

The musclepunk cock felt the marine's bulging boner beating against it.

RJ flexed his cock and gritted his teeth as he powered himself into the young soldier's muscle.

The musclepunk allowed the teen to drop back to his feet, applying a crushersqueeze to the big marine cock.

Derrick's shoulders slumped submissively. RJ was beating his marine meat.

"Who's a cocksucker?" RJ asked him.

From matside, Jamie playfully pointed to Sean. Sean pointed to Antonio. Antonio pointed to Jamie. All three teens smiled at each other and stroked their swollen boners.

When the young marine offered no response to RJ's question and no struggle, RJ applied more pressure to the soldiercock.

The musclepunk spread his legs and hugged the marine's long tallywhacker with his erection.

The teenage soldier groaned.

RJ's muscledick felt the soldierboy's dick throb.

RJ thrust himself against the sturdy marinecock, pumping his hips and whipping the teen's cockmuscle into a passion.

Derrick groaned again.

RJ felt the teen's body convulse. A large load of cum shot from the young soldier's throbbing cock. RJ held him tight and rubbed the rigid, pulsating tool.

Derrick's muscular torso fell limply against RJ's body as the young marine experienced the full power of a he-man erection.

"Who's the cocksucker?" RJ asked.

From matside, Sean pointed playfully at Jamie who dropped to his knees and took Sean's erection into his mouth.

Derrick was panting and grunting, struggling to hold back.

As Derrick refused to submit, RJ released his hug and let him drop limply to the mat. RJ noticed as he glanced at his potent young friend that Derrick's black cobra was still erect, still wanting a fight.

RJ glanced over to Antonio, Sean, and Jamie. Jamie had stopped sucking Sean's big dick. All three boys had their big cocks in their hands and were working them with a vengeance.

RJ's attention was focused on the teens beating their meat. He did not see Derrick get up from the mat.

The three boys saw Derrick slowly approach RJ. None said a word. They secretly wanted to see the teen marine take it to the muscle-bound construction worker.

RJ felt Derrick's hand touch his shoulder. As he turned Derrick's fists lashed out, striking the Musclepunk hard in the gut.

RJ was unprepared for the attack. The impact doubled him.

Derrick moved quickly, sweeping RJ's legs.

"Now, white boy, its my turn." Derrick said as he dropped down on RJ's dick. "The black cobra is ready to crush your cock."

RJ grunted as the 12" cobra punched his musclepunk cock back against his inner thigh.

Sean turned to Jamie and Antonio as Derrick took the fight to RJ, "Now we'll see RJ get what he has cumming."

Jamie shook his head. "Sean, don't underestimate your brother."

Derrick locked his powerful legs around RJ's waist. His now fully erect black beauty was powering into RJ's rigid mantool.

RJ groaned as Derrick began to power his erection down.

Derrick felt RJ's cock receding. He stopped his potent cockrub. Derrick leaned back and slugged RJ's abs. RJ's cock powered back up.

Derrick again started grinding into RJ.

"Come on, RJ. Fight me. Fight me or suck me." Derrick said as he slugged RJ again.

On the side of the mat, Sean nodded and mouthed out the words, "Fight me or suck me."

RJ grunted as Derrick made his cock respond, then whipped it back down.

Derrick's powerful legs were holding RJ compliant.

Antonio, Sean, and Jamie started to ejaculate together as they watched Derrick controlling RJ's responses. The three teens had a brief contest to see whose load would shoot the highest into the air. Jamie won. He flexed his biceps in a bodybuilder he-man pose. Then, the three boys resumed their jerking for the next shoot-off.

RJ could feel his musclepunk cock getting whipped off by its large more manly opponent.

RJ locked his eyes with Derrick. "Damn, boy, you're whipping me off."

Derrick grinned. "You're mine. Submit and suck me and I will let you up."

RJ shook his head.

Derrick bore down harder on RJ's flaccid cock. Derrick could feel the musclepunk cock starting to release precum.

"Come on white boy. I have you whipped. Submit." Derrick said as his mean, lean black tool worked the punk cock over.

Sean was about ready to shoot off again as Derrick whipped his brother's once-proud cock. This would be twice he watched the cocky bastard get his ass kicked.

RJ was groaning loudly as Derrick whipped his cock into a frenzy. He could not counter the tough teen's crotch attack. Derrick was punching and grinding his cock into submission.

Derrick could feel RJ's cock going soft. He stopped his attack. He glanced down at RJ, who was breathing hard.

"Had enough, BOY? Ready to admit a tough marine can take your cocky ass?"

RJ shook his head no. Derrick sat back and drove four hard fists to RJ's gut.

RJ grunted as Derrick's fists drove in. His abs took the hard blasts, his mantool powering back up.

Antonio, Sean, and Jamie were watching intently as Derrick methodically worked the stud over. Sean turned to Jamie. "RJ's whipped. Derrick has him."

Jamie shook his head. "Watch and learn, Sean."

Derrick went to slug him again.

RJ raised his arms and locked Derrick in a contest of strength.

Derrick smiled, "So you have some fight left?"

Derrick powered up his back and shoulder muscles, trying to bring RJ's arms back down to the mat.

Derrick was surprised at the power RJ had in his arm from the bottom position.

RJ felt Derrick increase the pressure of his whipper scissors.

RJ smiled. "Is that it boy? Come on show me those muscles." RJ taunted.

RJ started to take control in the contest of strength. Derrick felt RJ rolling them to their sides.

Derrick's leglock loosened.

RJ slipped the leglock, then broke the contest of strength.

Both men were sweating and breathing hard as they climbed to their feet.

RJ pulled on his stud cock and made a come on motion. "Come on, boy. Your black cobra is going down."

Sean was a little surprised. All through the match Derrick and RJ had been openly insulting to each other. But the one thing he noticed was that neither man took it personally. Both took the comments as they were meant: Good-natured taunting.

Derrick fingered his thick, rigid, 12" cobra and thrust it towards the musclepunk.

"You're going down, Cocksucker."

RJ smiled, "Boy, when I am done whipping that footlong, it will be nothing but a limp wiener. Quit stalling."

The two big men powered into each other. Derrick wrapped his arms around RJ in a tight bear hug, his cobra thrusting mightily against RJ's mantool.

RJ grunted and thrust back.

Derrick felt the power of RJ's mancock as it rubbed his with a ferocious desire to dominate.

RJ's arms pulled Derrick's lower body into his groin.

Derrick grunted at the power of RJ's cockcrush.

RJ lifted Derrick from the mat, and ground forcibly into his groin.

RJ could feel the cobra powering back.

Antonio, Sean, and Jamie were rock hard as they watched the two muscular guys take it to each other. Sean could feel his large teen tool wanting some satisfaction. His eyes went to the python Jamie was whipping in his hands.

Sean could stand it no longer. He grabbed Jamie, hooking his legs, and drove him to the floor. His hands locked on Jamie's big erection. Sean did not care about the action in the ring, he wanted to suck that big cock of Jamie's.

Antonio stepped back and gave them space, trying to keep his eyes on all the action. This was better than pro-wrestling on cable television.

Neither RJ nor Derrick saw what was going on matside.

As RJ held Derrick up from the mat, Derrick locked his lean muscular legs around RJ's hips.

He powered his cobra into the musclepunk's potent erection. "Come on, RJ. Submit. You can't take me."

Derrick was loaded with confidence. He was not going down without a fight.

RJ fell rearward, letting Derrick come down on top of him. RJ felt Derrick's powerful cock whip his meat against his balls. He grunted as the black beauty humped and pumped his swelling cock.

Jamie had managed to stave off Sean's attack and both teens were now back on their feet with Antonio, again watching Derrick appear to have the upper hand.

RJ reared up, locking his powerful legs around Derrick's head. He forced the tough marine between his legs.

Derrick grunted as RJ tried to pull him rearward with his head scissors.

Derrick's fist pounded RJ's rippled abs. The musclepunk would not release the head scissors.

RJ rolled them to their sides. He slipped Derrick's scissors hold, and maintained his head scissors.

Derrick found himself back down on the mat, with RJ's rigid whiteboy cock in his face.

RJ looked down at his young friend. "Now, boy. Who is about to become the cocksucker?"

Derrick shook his head.

RJ increased the strength of his head scissors. "Come on boy. I can take you out with this hold. Submit and suck me."

Derrick could feel the pressure of RJ's muscular legs working his head and neck over. He could smell the sweat from RJ's balls. He felt his own once rigid erection starting to shrink back.

Derrick stubbornly refused to submit.

RJ leaned back and gutpunched Derrick, once, twice. Derrick's abs were still solid. He took the punches.

RJ grasped the head of Derrick's footlong between his thumb and forefinger. He rubbed it back to full erection.

Derrick moaned softly.

RJ released the head scissors. He moved down Derrick's body, locking a vicious crotch scissors on this young opponent.

RJ began to hump and pump the Cobra. As he did he lowered his lips to Derrick's lips.

RJ pressed down hard, forcing his tongue into Derrick's mouth.

The teen marine did not resist.

Derrick's arms went around the musclepunk, forcing their hard tits together. He began to grind their nipples.

Both men started to breath harder.

Antonio, Sean, and Jamie watched as RJ made the match become more erotic. Sean could no longer hold back, his load released again.

The harder RJ worked their lips and tongues together, the harder he ground down on Derrick's cobra.

Derrick's tit hug loosened as his mammoth cock began to throb.

RJ broke the lip lock as he felt Derrick's cobra releasing precum. He looked into his young friend's eyes.

"Submit and suck me." RJ said with manly dominance.

Antonio, Sean, and Jamie were now stroking each other's big erections. They were all getting off watching these two guys take turns dominating each other.

Jamie knew RJ had his man. He could see Derrick's cobra oozing precum.

RJ continued to hump and pump Derrick's big dick. Derrick's breathing was pant-like as his black teentool throbbed.

RJ could feel the cobra was ready to submit. He leaned down and locked his lips on Derrick's tit.

Derrick's big tool shuddered, then released its load. RJ continued to hump and pump. He wanted to milk the cobra dry.

As Derrick continued to shoot his load, RJ released his tit, and locked on another liplock.

Antonio, Sean, and Jamie by this time had succeeded in beating each other's big boners into a passionate frenzy. They had another shoot-off. Jamie won again. Antonio said it was because Jamie's canon was the longest. Sean said it was because Jamie doesn't jerk off enough.

Derrick broke the liplock. "All right, RJ," He said through gasping breaths. "I submit."

RJ collapsed down on Derrick's chest. His head nuzzling Derrick's head.

"You're good, boy." RJ said breathing hard.

Derrick rolled from under RJ. He moved down to RJ's still rigid mantool.

Derrick took the long hard whiteboy cock to his lips. Slowly and methodically he worked the musclepunk erection over.

When Derrick had finished he turned back to RJ. "Next time, your white-boy erection is mine."

RJ smiled. "Any time, Derrick."

Sean watched as Derrick and RJ got to their feet. Both men embraced, locking their lips together.

Sean tuned to Jamie. "What gives? They started off insulting each other and they end up locked in an embrace."

Jamie nodded. "Sean, take some time and get to know your brother. This match would have ended up the same way, regardless of the outcome. Derrick and RJ are friends. Winning or losing doesn't matter to them. Its having fun."

Sean nodded. "Same as with RJ and Jonah. Jonah whipped him, but RJ took his defeat gracefully. He was not mad, and he did service Jonah."

Jamie nodded, "Its the same as you and Jeff, or you and I. Sometimes the friendly cockfights are the best. Sometimes, even if you lose, you win."

Sean knew that feeling, both from Jason and Josh. Jason had shown no animosity when he lost, and Josh had been one hot fucker to cockwrestle. But to Sean, no one was as hot as Jeff.

Sean watched as Derrick and RJ headed for the showers. Both men laughing and joking as they went.