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This is Nick's Profile Page.

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Nick is Garrett's workout partner and roommate.

Nick and Garrett work the rodeo together as team ropers.

Nick is a rival of Daren and RJ. Nick was Daren's best friend when they were teenagers.

Character Profile for Nick:

Nick name: top_man70116

Career: Marine. Rodeo Cowboy: Team-Roping, Steer Wrestling, Bronc and Bull Riding

Roommate and Workout Partner: Garrett

Age: 21

Hgt: 6'

Wgt: 240

Hair: Light Brown

Eyes: Brown

Arms: 17 1/2 Chest: 55

10 L X 7 R

Traits: Rough. Sadistic. Domineering. Mean-spirited. Abusive

Turn ons:
Wrestling. Roping. Humiliation. Domination. C-Fighting. G-Punching. B-Busting.
Likes to defeat guys in front of girls.

Fantasy match:
Total Humiliation/Domination of Daren, RJ, Sean, and Jason

Character traits: Self-centered. Egotistical. Excellent soldier but otherwise dishonest. Strong work ethic. Persistent, high degree of personal commitment.

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