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O.C.W.'s A Night of Blood and Belts

A Night of Blood and Belts
Sunday, March 3, 2002
Slovenian Society Home
20713 Recher Ave.
Euclid, Ohio

Sponsored by:
Comic Heaven
Cleveland All Pro

The show opened up with OCW Owner Paul Michaels coming out and announcing that the NEW OCW Commissioner is none other then “Wicked” Billy Meyers. Commissioner Meyers came out and made his first act as Commissioner of vacating the OCW Heavyweight Title and the OCW Tag Team Titles. Then Commissioner Meyers announced that he had hired a new finical advisor who was former MSWA Owner Scott Sierra. OCW Owner Paul Michaels was not all that happy with the announcement that Commissioner Meyers had so he also dropped a big surprise on the Commissioner of his two new business partners Tyrone Morris and Blackhammer, who, once they got to the ring, started to pummel the Commissioner until “Atomic Dogg” Kidd Quick came out the make the save.

  1. O.C.W. Cruiserweight Title Match:
    OCW Cruiserweight Champion Don “Da Bomb” Smith defeated Klub X-Treme member Curt Fury
  2. Battle Royal won by J. Violent
  3. Semi-Finials of the OCW Hardcore Tournament:
    ”Atomic Dogg” Kidd Quick def. JW Blizz
  4. Semi-Finials of the OCW Hardcore Tournament:
    “Wicked” Billy Meyers def. Klub X-Treme member The Bouncer


  5. Crazy Cruz beat “The Masked Sicilian” Frankie Lo by DQ
  6. Canaidian Bad Boy def. Sheik Abdull Hassan
  7. Finials of the OCW Hardcore Tournament:
    ”Wicked” Billy Meyers pinned “Atomic Dogg” Kidd Quick to win the OCW Hardcore Title.
  8. MAIN EVENT: “Big Bad Biker” Blackhammer def. BasketNazi