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Nick's HBK page

Nick's HBK Page


i made this myself kool !!


This Page is all about HBK (Shawn Michaels) my favorite wrestler of all time. Today i added 2 Shawn Michaels South Park wrestlers and the picture of my HBK collection. Enjoy, Nick

If anybody has any Shawn Michaels HASBRO figures for sale E-mail me

My Shawn Michaels figure collection
i have 6 moc HBK figures and 4 loose

Shawn Michaels Pic 1
Shawn Posing

Shawn Michaels Pic 2
Shawn Posing on the announcers table

Shawn Michaels Pic 3
Shawn Posing again ...

Shawn Michaels Pic 4
shawn exacuting a move

Shawn Michaels Pic 5
Shawn exacuting another move

Shawn Michaels Pic 6
HBK with a moonsault on Yokozuno

Shawn Michaels Pic 7
HBK yelling with world title

Shawn Michaels Pic 8
HBK posing

Shawn Michaels Pic 9
Shawn and Diesle

Shawn Pic 10
shawn michaels and a sweet pose

Shawn Pic 11
HBK and HHH - like bannanas???

Shawn Pic 12
Shawn shows his respect towards canadians... :-)

Shawn Pic 13
1 more victory for the good guys

Shawn Pic 14
dont go there sargent slobber !

Shawn Pic 15

Shawn Pic 16

Shawn Pic 17

Shawn Pic 18

Shawn Pic 19

Shawn Pic 20

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