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Buff E

Buff E
From - The Village in NYC
Height - 5'6
Weight - 220 lbs
Total Combined Weight - 420 lbs
Personality - "Were suposed to be heels, but it doesn't work" Buff E
Song - It's Raining Men
Singles Finisher - Lick Chop
Tag Finisher - HOMOcidal Bomb
Year Started - 1997
Trained by - Homicide and Laithon
Feds. Worked For - APR,EPW,LIWF,IWW,BCW,JAPW,and JCW
Titles Held - APR Tag, IWW Tag, and LIWF Tag
Singles Influence(s) - Jobbers (Brooklyn Brawler)
Tag Influence(s) - MidNight Express, Brain Busters,The Fabulous Ones, The Rock and Roll Express
Person you respect most - Homicide
Most Hated Oponents - The Hit Squad (they stole our liwf tag titles), and Eddie (Barrio) Martinez
Toughest Openents - The Hit Squad
Quote - Aaaaaooooooiiiiiii!!!!!
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