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Chris Benoit Profile
Chris Benoit Profile

Real Name: Chris Benoit
Other Names Wrestled Under:Wild Pegasus, Pegasus Kid
Nicknames:The Crippler, The Canadian Crippler, The Wolverine, The Human Buzzsaw
Height: 5' 10"
Weight: 220 lbs.
Hometown:Edmonton, Alberta, Canada
Finishing Move(s): Crippler Crossface and Swandive Headbutt

Other Signiture Moves:
Rolling German Suplex: A series of German Suplexes in which Chris Benoit never lets go of his opponent. He usually hits three, sometimes pinning on the third. He has hit more than three, though it is rare.
Dragon Suplex: Also known as the Full-Nelson Suplex, Benoit used this as his finisher during his ECW career andearly in his WCW career. He still uses it in his move set.

The Dragon Suplex on Booker T.

Knife Edge Chops: Not much to explain. Chris Benoit chops away at an opponents chest, hitting them stiff as anything. The great thing is seeing his opponents chest turn red as a result.

One-Time Only Finishers:
Second Rope Tombstone Piledriver: A tombstone piledriver delivered from the second turnbuckle. Chris Benoit used this in the second round of the 1995 Super J Cup to put away Chris Jericho.

Ow, that's gonna hurt...
Gut-Wrench Superplex: Used to pin The Great Sasuke in the finals of the 1994 Super J Cup. Both men were on the top rope, and Benoit delivered a devestating gut-wrench suplex back to the mat. This move won him the Super J Cup.
...and I doubt that's gonna feel good too!
Top-Rope Powerbomb:The move is what it says. It's a powerbomb from the top rope. The first time (to my knowledge) that it was used was in 1993. Benoit used it to beat El Samurai and win The Best of the Super Juniors IV. Another time he used it was in ECW. Not really used to finish a match, but still an incredible move. After a tables match at Double Tables between Sabu & The Tazmaniac and Public Enemy, Benoit came down to the ring with then partner Dean Malenko. Rocco Rock was set up on a table, and there was a table on the top rope. Benoit powerbombed Sabu from the table on the top rope, through Rocco Rock and the table.
And you wonder why they call him The Crippler...
Super-"Table"-Plex: Chris Benoit used this to beat Kevin Sullivan in a Brawl at The Great American Bash 1996. A table was set up on the top rope, and from there Benoit super-plexed Sullivan.
...and he took the bump LIKE A MAN should.Triple German Suplex: At UnCensored 1998 Benoit fought Raven and Diamond Dallas Page in a Triple Jeopardy Match. The match was out of control and had some great brawling, but the highlight was the Triple German Suplex. Benoit had hit Raven with two German Suplexes and was going for a third when DDP came from behind. DDP hooked Benoit and suplexed him AND Raven. Benoit appeared to take the brunt of the blow.
Swandive Headbutt Off a Cage: Benoit usually pulls this one out every time he's in a cage match. The first time he used it was on an edition of Thunder before SuperBrawl 1999. In a semi-final Tag Team Title Tournament Match, Benoit and Dean Malenko were scheduled to face Horace Hogan and Byan Adams in cage match. During the match, Vincent interfered and Benoit was locked out of the cage. He then climbed to the top and at the same time Malenko knocked down Horace. From there, Benoit risked it all and Headbutted Hogan from the top of the cage.

Important Matches/Moments:
Chris Benoit Wins the 1994 Super J Cup: Benoit went over Black Tiger (Eddy Gurrerro), Gedo, and The Great Sasuke to win the annual one-night Japanese tournament.
Chris Benoit versus Sabu: (Sometime around 1994 or 1995) During a match, Chris Benoit back body dropped Sabu. However, a miscommunication between the two occurred and Sabu ended up landing on his neck and getting injured. Benoit was then dubbed "The Crippler".

Yeah, that name Crippler does work for him...
No comment.Chris Benoit versus Kevin Sullivan: At the Great American Bash 1996 Benoit and sullivan reinvented brawling. They fought all over the arena-including the men's room. Benoit pinned Sullivan after a Superplex (from a table on the ropes). This was one of the first matches in the Benoit-Sullivan feud. Five star match, by the way.
The Reformation of the IV Horsemen: More of a Ric Flair moment, but it deserves mentioning. Ric Flair made his emotional return to TV after a legal dispute with WCW. He reunited the Horsemen which included Chris Benoit.

Chris Benoit versus Bret "The Hitman" Hart: This was on an edition of WCW Monday Nitro in 1999. It was fought in the Kemper Arena in St. Louis, MO- the same building where Hart's brother Owen plunged to his death not long before. It was a tribute to the late Hart, and what a tribute it was. Wrestling at it's finest, the match latest around 30 minutes. Even though Benoit tapped to the Sharpshooter, he and Bret hugged after the match in a show of respect.

The Cage Dive: Early in 2000 Benoit was feuding with Jeff Jarrett leading up to a Triple Threat Theater contest at Souled Out. The contest would be best two out of three gimmick matches. Before the PPV, Jeff Jarrett was forced by Commisioner Terry Funk to be in a Triple Threat Theater contest against three different opponents on Nitro. Chris Benoit was the refferee for all of them. The first match was against Tito Santana in a regular match. Second was against George "The Animal" Steel in a Bunkhouse Brawl. Last was a cage match against Jimmy Snuka. During the final match, Benoit and Snuka climbed to the top of the cage. Snuka delivered a Superfly Drop onto Jarrett followed by the Swandive Headbutt from Benoit.
That's a loooooooong way down...into history that is.
The Radicals Jump to the WWF: Right before Souled Out 2000 Vince Russo was removed from booking and Kevin Sullivan was put in charge. Fearing that his career would suffer in Sullivan's hands (because Sullivan hated Benoit for his relationship with his ex-wife Nancy a.k.a. Woman), Benoit vacated the WCW Title which he had just won the night before. He left the company, and along with him went Eddy Gurrerro, Perry Saturn, and Dean Malenko. In February of 2000 the four showed up on Raw and beat up various wrestlers, including the Road Dogg and HHH.

The UnOfficial Home of the Crippler

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