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Vacation Pictures Vaction Pictures!

These were taken on my vaca in sunny AZ 6/24/00 hope you like!! I've made the big move, and am settling in to Arizona life. Still interested in wrestling in the area, so if anyone out there can give me a lead on some wrestling round these parts, I'd appreciate it. In the meantime, hope you like the pictures.
I went with thumbnails, cause there are so many, so click on the picture to see it full size.

Getting ready for a day in the sun.

I think this would've come out better if there had been a breeze that day...but you get the idea (I hope.)

The photographer kept saying to get on tiptoe to make my legs look longer. Does it look dumb?

I love the SUN!

Do you believe this is actually someone's backyard? They have a pool and hottub!

Yep, here's the hottub, it flows into the pool's the pool! And believe me I was glad of it, it's hot in AZ in June.

This is the extent of my swimming ability.

I've seen Sunny do this pose, but I wish I wasn't looking directly into the sun, I couldn't keep my eyes open for the picture.

I put this one after the swim pictures, because it looks like I'm getting out of the pool, but I'm sure you noticed the dry hair, guess I didn't fool anyone, huh?

This is probably my favorite picture of myself EVER!

I like this pose, but my hair was kind of half dry after swimming, and I think it looks funny, I guess I should have waited till it dried and then styled it. Oh, well.

If you like this picture, check out my new wallpaper I think you'll LOVE it

Another day, another outfit

Train, say your prayers, eat your...Oops! Channeling Hogan there for a moment

Getting ready for a workout

Well, I WAS doing pushups, but the one of me doing pushups didn't come out so well, but I thought you'd like this one

Just messing around in the sun

I think it's goofy, but everyone seemed to like this one

Did I mention these people also have a putting green in the backyard? Getting an idea of why I moved yet?

Nothing like a cool drink after a long day of getting your picture taken in the sun!

Bye bye for now
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