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Action Gallery V

These were taken August 30, 2003 at the OSPW end of summer spectacular! Click on the photo to see it full size.

Since I'd never met Allie before, I thought I'd start cautiously, testing her out with an armringer.

And she proved she was more than just a pretty face when she reversed my arm ringer, as the photographer scrambles to get the shot.

Here she shows her expertise with an excruciating fujiwara armbar!

I did manage to get out of the hold though, and bring her down to the canvas with a snap mare.

My throbbing arm reminded me not to take this opponent lightly, so I set her up for a suplex...a series of three actually!

She's a wily one though, as you can see here, after the suplexes she instictively moved onto her stomach to avoid being pinned... I decided I needed to wear her down a bit more with this full nelson. The referee here is asking her if she wants to quit, but she battled back, and only a well timed yank of the hair...oh... I mean my technical wrestling expertise...stopped her momentum.

She surprised me though, and when I went to pick her back up she latched onto my already sore arm with this armbar. Notice how she's got her fingers dangerously close to my eyes though! I may have to lodge a complaint for that type of behavior!

Then she did something I wasn't expecting. She twisted my arm, then launched herself into a forward flip, which drove my face into the mat!

After smashing my face into the mat, she came over to pick me up, and my old instincts came to my aid. I remembered her saying before the match to someone that her knee was sore from her trip, so when I saw her foot near my face I knew it was an opportunity to strike. I got her off her feet then starting workging on the knee, with kicks...

...more kicks...

...and with a spinning toe hold!

Then, I stretched her out a bit with this double leg drop to the inner not only hurts each leg as my legs drop on them, but stretches the inner thigh and groin muscles as well.

After all that punishment I figured she wouldn't be able to move, so I went to the top (Ok the second, the ceiling was too high to go to the top) rope to finish her off. She had some fight left in her though, becuase she was able to do a handstand and grab me in a headscissors, throwing me off the top!

Then she trapped me in a rear chinlock, really putting pressure on my jaw and neck.

Then she attempted to whip me in the corner, but I was able to reverse it and score with some kicks to the midsection.

Then I gave her a bulldog out of the corner and went for the pin. I would've had her too, but her bodyguard Damien pulled my leg. After that it gets a bit hazy...I think she somehow managed to hit her head on a chair I happened to be holding, but I'm not real sure on that part...I do know that when I went for the pin the referee counted 1, 2, 3, so chalk up another victory for me!!!

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