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Action Gallery VI: Violet Flame vs. Hayley Skye

NECW action comes to you courtesy of Ed in this Action Gallery!

I sent Hayley to the ropes to set her up for a big hip toss, but she managed to reverse it, and I'm about to go flying!

But, I didn't stay down for long! I got right back up to connect with some stomps...

then I slapped on a chinlock to wear her down.

but, she still had some energy, and started working her way up...

and elbowed me in the ribs to break free of the chinlock

Luckily, I had a hold of her hair, so I was able to get the upper hand, and slam her in the corner to set her up for a guillotine legdrop.

However, once I got to the top rope, she hit me in the stomach, so I bent my head, which she then grabbed and snap mared me off the top by it.

And, if that weren't bad enough, after I came crashing to the mat, she kicked me in the back!

I fought back though, grabbing on to her head (some say hair, but I deny that all the way!)

She broke out of it though, punched me in the face, then sent me running toward the ropes...

then picked me up for a sidewalk slam. She thought she'd get the pin, but...

I outsmarted her by rolling her up in the pin! How my feet ended up on the ropes I'm still not sure, but all that matters is I got the 1...2...3!

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