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Action Gallery VIII - Violet Flame vs. Mercedes Martinez for NECW.

A new gallery of action between me and Mercedes Martinez, for NECW's show, Meltdown!

Mercedes started out strong in the early minutes of the match, but made a big mistake when she threw me into the corner and came charging in, I quickly stepped aside, and she hit her shoulder on the post.

Of course, I quickly went to work on Mercedes's injured shoulder! First, I drove my own elbow into her shoulder repeatedly, then...

Then, draped her arm over the the ropes, and pulled!

She fought back though, trapping me in this headlock.

But, I managed to escape, and went right back to work on her arm.

I caught her in an armbar, but she used her power to lift me up. I held on to the armbar tenaciously, until she dropped me on my back, when I let go...

but, I didn't let go of her arm for long, I grabbed a hold of it, and threw her down!

Then, I put her in a hammerlock, but she managed to reach back and snap mare me.

She followed the snap mare up with a spine buster...

then a neckbreaker!

I managed to kick out after the first neckbreaker, so she threw me chest first into the turnbuckle, and went for another. But, I thought that's what she was going for, and held on...

I thought her hitting her head after missing that last neckbreaker was gonna be enough to hold her down, but she reversed my pin attempt into one of her own, and got the pin. But, here's proof that Mercedes isn't as pure as she sometimes makes herself out to be. As you can all clearly see, she did pin me, but she had her feet on the ropes!

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