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Action Pictures

A lot of you have been asking for action pictures, so, thanks to my good friend Mike K., I finally have some to show off. These were taken May 19, in Webster, MA. It's a match between me and WCW's "Little Jeanne"
I don't know if any of you read the recent Talk Magazine article on Chyna. If you have, do you remember when she was talking about her first match, and she said she "wore this pink bathing suit. I went to the fabric store and got this silver sequined thing and sewed it around my waist." Well that pink, silver sequined outfit is the same one I'm wearing in these pics! I guess she outgrew, it so I got it as a hand-me-down. I'm not sure it goes to good with her current image anyway!
Click on the picture to see it full size.

Jeanne makes her entrance

Here I'm caught in a headlock!

Jeanne gets a little taste of her own medicine!

That's my HAIR!

I can't remember what I did, but it sure looks painful!

Again with my hair!!

Head Scissors!

Jeanne gets a little help from her manager, Amber Rae, with the figure 4

But I still managed to reverse it!

Jeanne works on my already sore leg.

I thought I had her with this high cross body, but she was able to roll through for the pin. WITH her feet on the ropes, I might add.
I got new tights for this show, but I think they're too shiney. I'm sorry if the glare off my legs blinded anyone!

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