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Action Gallery IX: Violet Flame vs Nikki Roxx

This match took place slowly after I lost the NECW ladies championship, and was my rematch with new champ, Nikki Roxx.

The match started out with Nikki Roxx grabbing me in a headlock...

But, I didn't stay in it for long, I took hold of her wrist and gave her arm a twist, then put it into hammerlock,

which she was able to reverse, and

get me in an armbar of her own.

But, I got out of it, and took over, wrenching both of her arms behind her back, and pouring on the pressure with my knee pressed to her spine!

But, she was able to reverse that!

After that, I decided it was time to take control, and try to ground her. First, I dropped an elbow on her leg, then tied it up under my body.

she tried to free her leg by pulling my hair, but

I wouldn't let go. I hit a spinning toe hold, then started to wrench on her ankle.

She wouldn't submit, so I dropped a leg on each of her legs, stretching out her inner thigh...

then went for a jacknife pin. I was sure she wouldn't be able to kick out, but she was able to hit me in the stomach with her fists, and break up the pin.

So, I decided it was time for something with a little more impact, I scooped her up and smashed her down with a body slam

Then, went for a pin, but she was able to hook under my arm and turned it into a pin for herself!

After I kicked out of her pin attempt, Nikki picked me up for a sidewalk slam, then...

got me into her devastating "Barbie Cruncher", compressing my spine, and giving her the pin. But, she hasn't seen the last of me, I promise you that!

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