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Southern Pride


On a Sunday afternoon, December 5, Tommy Redneck beat JR Rich in the opener by DQ when he was attacked from behind by Franklin Ray, Big Hoss & Rick Havoc. The trio just about had Redneck beaten down when Kilo hit the ring to help him out. And together, they cleared the ring of the attackers. In the very next match, Kilo beat The Extreme Machine. Once again, Franklin Ray, Hoss & Havoc hit the ring to jump Kilo until Tommy Redneck hit the ring to return the favor to Kilo and once again the duo cleared the ring. Then later on that day Tommy Redneck and Kilo teamed up for a Triple Threat World Tag-Team Title Match vs. LOD vs. Big Hoss and Rick Havoc. Although they didn't win the match, they realized their wrestling styles worked very well together, and together they made a very impressive tagteam. So, therefore was the beginning, of Southern Pride.

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