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Welcome to the New Jersey Wrestling Coaches Association Website

Table of contents

Region 2 Hall of Fame
Region 3 Hall of Fame
Region 4 Hall of Fame
Region 5 Hall of Fame
Region 6 Hall of Fame
South Jersey Hall of Fame
Donald Ringler Award Winners
Wilfred Caan Award Winners
Williams/Finizio Award Winners
Harry E. Lake Award Winners
National Hall of Famers from NJ
National Hall of Famers(cont'd)
Region 1/2 Team List(Districts 1-8)
Region 3/4 Team List (Districts 9-16)
Region 5/6 Team List (Districts 17-24)
Region 7/8 Team List (Districts 25-32)
Morris County Hall of Fame
NJ All-Star Meet Photos
Dan Gable Clinic at Bergen Catholic
2003 All-Star Meet

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