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Transcript of Big Show on Howard Stern Show
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Paul Wight on Howard Stern
Credit: WWFanatic
March 11, 1999 Paul Wight was on the Howard Stern show.
Legit, Paul Wight is a little over seven feet tall and 420 pounds.
He had a surgery when he was young to remove a tumor.
Because of that surgery, he stopped growing.
Otherwise, he would've gotten larger.
They spent quite a bit of time talking about Wight's manhood. About how "big" he is. About him and sex. He says that he can bench over 500 pounds, but only works out to stay in shape.
The person who started the fight with Paul started the whole thing by doing a crotch chop and telling Wight to "suck it". The guy then "cut a promo" on him shoved. Paul then punched him once in the face and shattered his jaw with that one punch. He was acquitted in the criminal case, but still faces the civil lawsuit.
Wight said he was arrested based on false charges previously and spent a couple hours in jail. He wouldn't tell Howard why he was arrested, though. Howard said he would look it up on the internet. Hey Howard, he was arrested based on charges that he exposed himself publically. They were proved to be untrue.
The first time Paul Wight kissed a girl, when he was twelve years old, he was arrested. It was because they thought he was much older, as he had a mustache.
Like Steve Austin, Paul Wight is now also pending a divorce. He said the wrestling business is very tough on family life. His wife was a stripper and he has a young daughter. She got pregnant when they were dating, which led to the marriage.
They then took two callers. One said the guy who Wight hit was telling him to "Suck It", doing crotch chops, chanting "ECW! ECW!" and saying that the WWF sucked, etc. (Wight was in WCW at the time). He said the guy was a total ass and definitely provoked Wight by pushing him.
The second caller said Wight had no right to hit the guy because of how big he is. Howard and Wight agreed that just because he's huge doesn't mean people can be assholes to him and start fights.
Howard ended by plugging WrestleMania XV and that was that.