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The Giant - Q & A #2
The Giant Q&A
**Credit "The Wrestler Magazine"**

Two weeks earlier, he was a beaten man, the victim of an amazing Hulk Hogan recovery after the "Hulkster" had been floored by one of his vicious choke-slams. But on April 22, The Giant felt like a champion...because he was one.
The 7'4, 430-pound monster became the first rookie to win a world heavyweight title when he defeated Ric Flair for the WCW championship in Albany, Georgia, that night. Not even great rookies of the past like Flair, Lex Luger, and Bob Backlund won a world heavyweight title in their first year.
The WCW card started with The Giant and Flair teaming against Sting and Lex Luger. But when Flair took a cup of coffee from Woman and threw it toward Sting and Luger, he accidentally hit Giant in the eyes. The Giant demanded a match and Flair reluctantly agreed. That was his second mistake of the night.
The third came in the match itself, when he misjudged the effect of his figure-four leglock on The Giant's monstrous legs. The Giant sat up, and Flair released the hold. One building-shaking choke-slam later, Flair was pinned.
The Giant started in WCW last year as Kevin Sullivan's most potent weapon against Hogan. When The Giant failed to win the World belt from the "Hulkster", he took on Jimmy Hart as his manager. These days, The Giant looks around and sees nothing but enemies, fan favorites and rulebreakers alike. But Hogan is the man he wants most.
Shortly after winning the belt, The Giant sat down with Editor-in-Chief Dave Lenker for an interview. Despite having won the title, The Giant wasn't happy.

Q: Congratulations on winning your first WCW World title, and as a rookie no less. Do you realize that you're the first rookie to win a world belt?
A: I knew it, but I wasn't surprised. Tell me one time in wrestling history when there's been a rookie like me.

Q: Well, Ric Flair was our Rookie of the Year in 1975, and Lex Luger was Rookie of the Year in 1986 and...
A: Stop right there, punk! Did Flair win a world title in 1975?

Q: Well, no, he didn't...
A: Did Luger win a world title in 1986?
A: And that makes me the greatest rookie of all-time, so don't you forget it. Nobody in wrestling history has ever done what I've done.

Q: And speaking of done, a lot of people thought you were just that after Hulk Hogan got up from your choke-slam a few weeks before you won the belt.
A: Who are those idiots? Show them to me! Give me names!

Q: To tell you the truth, I guess I was one of them. A: Well, that means you have no right to even be sitting here with me. Anybody who has felt the impact of my choke-slam knew that I was going to be the next WCW World champion. There was never any doubt.

Q: No doubt? Even when Hogan got up from your choke-slam?
A: Appearances can be deceiving sometimes.

Q: What does that mean?
A: Don't trust your eyes. That choke-slam missed.

Q: It missed?
A: That's right. I didn't get Hogan with the full force of the choke-slam. My hands slipped on his sweaty throat. He was so nervous that he didn't know what to do. He was dripping with sweat! He was a scared dog!

Q: That sounds disgusting. It also sounds like an excuse.
A: (Shouting) It's the truth! Don't ever doubt me! I'll show you what a real choke-slam feels like, and you'll know that nobody could ever get up from a real one.

Q: No, thank you. I'll take your word for it. But you seemed so surprised when you turned around and saw Hogan on his feet. Why?
A: Because I thought I got him good enough. I didn't, and if Hogan's fool enough to try me again - and you know he is a real stupid man - I'll make sure I get it right the next time.

Q: Obviously you got Ric Flair with the full force.
A: I felt his body shake. I heard his bones rattle when his beaten body crashed into the canvas.

Q: That had to be a sickening sound.
A: It was the sweetest sound I ever heard. Q: You know, I just read that Fran Drescher of The Nanny is suing TV Guide because she spilled hot coffee over herself during a photo shoot for the magazine.
A: What does that have to do with me?

Q: Well, I figured that your feud with Flair began when he mistakenly threw coffee in your eyes.
A: Mistakenly? How do you know it was mistakenly? How does a person throw coffee into my eyes by mistake?

Q: Because it looked like he was aiming for Sting and Luger.
A: What it looked like and what it was are two different things. Flair got what he asked for. Did you hear his apology?

Q: Sure. It sounded sincere.
A: (Shouting) It sounded like the lamest thing I ever heard! How dare Flair try to get away with that! And then when I demanded a match, he tried to run away.

Q: But he agreed to a match.A: He was embarrassed into it. Q: Actually, I have to say that I've never heard of Flair being embarrassed into doing anything, much less defending his WCW World title.
A: Not his WCW World title. My WCW World title!

Q: Well, now it is.A: And, always. If anybody wants to challenge me, they're going to have to think about dealing with my choke-slam.

Q: Well, it could always slip, right?
A: What's that? Don't get wise with me, punk. I wouldn't hesitate to choke-slam a reporter, you know.

Q: What are you, Albert Belle in wrestling trunks?
A: Don't compare me to mortals.

Q: Excuse me, I didn't know. Another thing I didn't know is that some WCW fans like you. Were you surprised that some of the fans cheered you after you won the belt?
A: They were scared. Those idiots cheered out of fear.

Q: Interesting explanation. Another interesting aspect of your match against Flair is that Jimmy Hart didn't interfere.
A: Why is that interesting? Are you saying that I need Jimmy Hart's interference to win? I don't need anybody's help. The choke-slam does it all.

Q: Let me ask you this: A lot of people are saying that even though you won the WCW World title, it doesn't mean anything until you beat Hulk Hogan, because Hogan has beaten you already. Do you agree?
A: No. Hogan didn't beat me.

Q: He didn't?
A: No, he didn't...never cleanly. He never pinned me. But they are right about one thing: Until I choke-slam and destroy Hogan, this belt doesn't mean that much to me. My goals are to win the WCW World title and to destroy "Hulkamania" singlehandedly. So far, I have done only one of those things.

Q: So you welcome a challenge from Hogan?
A: Any day, any time. Right now, if he wants.

Q: I don't know if that can be set up, but I'm sure Hogan would love to wrestle you Hogan?
A: Bring him on. Let him make the biggest mistake of his life.

Q: What about some of the others, like Sting, Lex Luger, and Randy Savage?
A: Same goes for all them. They all know what my choke-slam feels like. I beat them all before, so I'd be glad to do it again. It just shows you how stupid they are. I choke-slam them and leave them laid out on the mat and they want to face me again. Idiots - all of them.

Q: Giant, once again, congratulations on winning the belt as a rookie, and I certainly look forward to your matches against Hogan.
A: Of course you do. But you wouldn't if your name was Hogan.