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Big Show's Cineplex - Articles

This is from WOW Magazine. A really good article talking more extensively about his basketball career and some of his WCW time.

This is from WWF Magazine. Talks about his "Gimmick infringement" of other characters in the World Wrestling Federation.

This is from Game Informer Magazine and it's a Q and A with The Giant. Mostly about wrestling, but pretty interesting just the same. It IS, after all, with Paul. :-)

This is one of my favorite articles about Paul. It talks about how basketball was his life back in high school and college. It's from WCW Magazine.

An interview with Paul right after he won the belt (When he was the Giant). Not a bad interview, kind of a shoot one though. But it's Paul and who am I to deny the world the words of Paul Wight??? :-)

*****A BIG THANK YOU*****

To WWFanatic for allowing me to use the following articles. You can access her page by going here:

This article talks a lot about Paul in his younger days, how he got into wrestling and his last few days in WCW.

This article is mainly about Big Show the wrestler.

This is from when Paul, was on The Howard Stern Show. Pretty good read.

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