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Big Show's Cineplex - Paul's Bio

Picture it: You're standing amidst hundreds of onlookers, eagerly awaiting the star of the night. The white stretch limo pulls up and out steps seven feet of man. The Big Show. Paul Wight. The red carpet is where all the stars stop to share a few things about themselves. Ever wanted to know more about Paul? Here's your chance....


Name: Paul Wight
Birthday: February 8, 1972
Height: Around 7'
Weight: 420 lbs
Hair: Dark blond/brown
Eyes: Grayish green
From: South Carolina

{**WCW Magazine does this section where they take two questions and ask all their stars the questions. (At least they used to. I haven't bought a WCW Magazine in a while) Here are two questions that I found amongst all the other stuff I have.**}

What was your first jbb?
"Working at a muffler shop, 13."

What would you be doing if you weren't a wrestler?
"Playing professional football, or being one incredible Chippendale dancer." (*Can I choose that one??? >:-}~ *)

The following is an article from WCW magazine, kind of a Q and A with Paul and it sheds a lot of light on his character.


Tall Tales (WCW Magazine)

"Let's stop at Taco Bell," The Giant told his ever-obliging driver. "Hey, reporter, if you want something to eat, feel free; it's on me. I'm still the Champ and I'm treating."
The extra-long white limo pulled up to the drive-up window and The Giant placed his "normal" order: 25 Big Border tacos and four extra large Coke's.
Yep, The Giant is one big boy, one REALLY BIG one. Just consider how big this behemoth really is:
*He wears size 17 shoes, has a 42 inch waist and needs shirts that are 5XT (as in five extra tall).
*He can take a sheet of notebook paper, place his hand on it the same direction a school child would write an assigment - and The Giant's pinky and thumb would hang off the edges by about two inches on either side.
*He can lay a 12-ounce can in his palm.
*He has a custom-made bed that is 90 inches long.
"I've been big for so long that it's now just an every day thing," said The Giant, who was bigger than his 4'10" kindergarten teacher. And when The Giant graduated from Wyman King Academy (in South Carolina) in 1990, he was 7 foot 2, 320 pounds.
"I guess it's pretty cool being so big, although every now and then I'll bump my head on a door (frame) or find a really cool car that I can't fit in."
The Giant drives an Eddie Bauer because, in the Mercedes he previously owned, "I looked like an 8 foot gorilla in a midget's car."
"There are people who are taller than me, such as basketball players, but, I've never seen anyone who has the height and the wieght that I have," said The Giant, who - no surprise - played college basketball and is an avid NBA fan (Alonzo Mourning is his favorite player).
The Giant, who has been wrestling professionally for only one year, will make his acting debut this fall in "Reggie's Prayer." The move also features football great Reggie White, Pat Morita (Karate Kid), ex NFLer Rossey Grier and rapper Hammer.
The Giant portrays a local thug/drug dealer, while White is a high school teacher/football coach who tries to help some of the students make the right choices.
"I've always enjoyed watching movies, so making a movie was a lot of fun." The Giant said. "It's a lot of long hours. But I had a good time."
As amazing as it might be, The Giant was more than willing to answer every question posed by WCW Magazine executive editor Ross Forman following The Great American Bash. The Giant was frank with his answers and, believe it or not, funny at times.

Were you the school bully?
"Never," The Giant said. "I was simply the kid in the corner. I read a lot as a kid. I wasn't too social as a kid because I was so big. I was the type to challenge the bully if he was going after someone.
Who are the biggest men you have ever wrestled?
"The Shark," John Tenta, who weighs close to 500 pounds and Loch Ness who was over 600.
Who are your best friends in WCW?
Jimmy Hart, "Taskmaster" Kevin Sullivan and retired wrestler Terry Taylor.
What time does the sleeping Giant wake up?
"Early, about 7 a.m."
Can you touch your toes?
"Yep, without any problems. I'm very flexible."
What is your favorite type of shoes?
Complete this sentence:
People don't know that I..."love milk; it's my favorite drink. I have some at least twice a day. In fact, when I was growing up, my mom had one jug of milk in the refrigerator for the rest of the family, and one for me.
What is your favorite candy?
"Reese's peanut butter cups," he said, smiling at the thought. "It's not uncommon for me to buy a big bag of those singles, then eat the whole bag while watching a movie.
What's it like for you on an airplane?
"Well, I always fly (in the) first-class (section), but it's still not very comfortable. The seats just aren't wide enough; there's not enough leg room. My shoulders send up hanging over into the seat next to me because they're so wide. And if I'm in the window seat, (then) I'm really squashed.
What's the weather like up there?
"Actually, it's no different...than down there. I have a nice vantage point of what's going on. I don't have a problem getting to where I want to be when I'm in a crowd. I don't have a problem spotting the hotdog stand."
How do you take a bath?
"Well, I'm not much of a bath person. In fact, to wash I prefer a swimming pool (laughs)."
Is it easy to dunk a basketball?
Very easy....I only have to jump about six inches.
What is your favorite movie/TV show?
"I liked Braveheart, and enjoy Wings and Seinfeld."
Do you like bowling?
"Yes, but my fingers don't fit in the holes. So, I just palm the ball and throw it down the lane." The Giant's high-game was a 230.
What are your musical interests?
"I listen to a wide variety, from classical to grunge rock. I'd have to say my favorite artist is Chicago."

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