Shoot Interviews

- Justin Credible (MASTER)
- Shane Douglas & Francine (MASTER)
- Cowboy Bill Watts (MASTER)
- Blue Meanie & Jasmin St. Claire (MASTER)
- The Road Warriors/Legion of Doom (MASTER)

RF Video Inc. Presents: Shoot Interview Session 1997 with Shane Douglas & Francine
Featuring...ECW World Heavyweight Champion, “The Franchise” Shane Douglas & “The Head Cheerleader/The Queen of Extreme” Francine. This interview was conducted one week before the pay-per-view in a hot tub & pool (yes, Francine is in a bikini). Shane has been in the wrestling business for 15 years, and has held major belts in every promotion in which he has competed in. Shane has been in the UWF, NWA, WCW, WWF, ECW, and more, and discusses all. Topics discussed are his infamous battles in the WWF with “The Clique”, the story behind the NWA title tournament, working for Bill Watts, being a Dynamic Dude, Vince McMahon, Shawn Michaels, his outside the ring conflicts with The Sandman, his feud with Steve Austin and Brian Pillman, and a ton more. Francine discusses her WWF offer, her outside the ring conflicts with Pitbull #2, taking table bumps, her future, working with “The Frachise”, and more. This is a two tape set running 8 hours total in length. Rare matches & clips are inserted as well. Without a doubt the most informative shoot interview RF Video Inc. has ever produced. A must for all wrestling fans, whether you are a fan of the two or not.
Shoot Interview with Justin Credible- 4 hours - with matches included as well!
Incredible stories are told including all the behind the scenes controversy with The Clique in the WWF. Justin Credible was and still is great friends with Scott Hall and Shawn Michaels. He was there first hand for all of The Clique’s actions, including the night at MSG when all the members hit the ring, the problems between The Clique and Shane Douglas, and what power The Clique had not only in the WWF but the entire wrestling industry. Justin also talks about his training in Calgary by Lance Storm, his role in the WWF as Aldo Montoya, and his role in ECW. He talks about his future in ECW with Lance Storm, his greatest matches and matches that he would like to have in the future. Plenty of behind the scenes stories, especially in the WWF, are told as well. This shoot interview is not just the coolest, it’s not just the best, it’s Justin Credible!!!
Shoot Interview with Cowboy Bill Watts - the man behind UWF and Mid South Wrestling, plus tons of wrestling footage - 4 hours long
This is one hell of a shoot interview. Bill Watts is the man who made wrestling famous with his Mid South territory and the UWF. This is our first interview with a wrestling promoter. Bill Watts has a major reputation in this business for being a tough guy to work for. In this shoot interview we asked him about how he got started in the business. You will hear how he became a booker in Florida and then in Oklahoma. He talks about how he bought the territory in Oklahoma and made it a success. He talks about why he turned the Mid South into UWF. The problems he went through with the UWF while going head to head with the WWF and NWA. We asked him about pushing his son too soon and you will love his answer. He tells stories about a ton of wrestlers that he has worked with like the Ultimate Warrior, Sting, Lex Luger, Rick Steiner and more.....You will hear tons of stories of JYD--Freebirds--Ted Dibiase-Dusty Rhodes-Jim Ross--Steve Williams--Eddie Gilbert and Missy Hyatt--Rock N Roll Xpress--Jim Cornette and more. He tells for the first time why he sold the UWF and what went wrong. He talks about his battles with the WWF and about how Vince and him talked during the battle on the phone. Hear what REALLY happened when he went to WCW. He talks about his problems with Scott Steiner and Paul Heyman. He talks about the interview he did that lead to problems with him in WCW. You will learn about all the road blocks he had to deal with in WCW with the politics. Talks about Jake Roberts He talks about his views on drugs and steroids. Talks about why he quit WCW. Talks about how he got into the WWF a few years back and why he left after a few months. This was without a doubt the best shoot interview ever. We have never interviewed someone as open as Bill Watts. You will be shocked at what he has to say about today's wrestling. This one is a video you will watch a million times. There are a million stories about the UWF and Mid South Wrestling as well. This video contains tons of profanity and is a total shoot!!!!!! All comments are Bill Watts views. RF Video Inc. did not edit any of this interview so it will SHOCK you.
Shoot Interview with The Blue Meanie & Jasmin St. Claire
This tag team interview was done in the RF Video offices. Blue Meanie talks about his training at Al Snow's gym and life on the independent scene. Meanie then discusses life in ECW, including the forming of the bWo, life with Stevie Richards, and the problems back then between Stevie and Raven. Find out why he left ECW, and great stories when he was in the WWF. Jasmin on the other hand talks about her past career as an adult video star. Find out all the stuff you wanted to know about her past profession, including the famous World's Greatest Gang Bang Video. Find out the darker side of the adult film business, including the drug use and prostitution of some of the girls, and just the horrors that are associated with that business. Find out what adult video superstars are cool, and who are not as Jasmin talks about all. Also what was it like to do the Howard Stern show frequently, and how was Howard off the camera. Jasmine also talks about how she met The Meanie, and her days in the wrestling business with XPW. Both of them talk about their careers now in ECW and their futures. This is a truly unique interview with great ECW stories, plus get all the dirt on the adult video business!
Shoot Interview with The Road Warriors...4 hrs.
This interview was conducted on 5/17/00 in Baltimore, Maryland. The Road Warriors where by far the most influential tag team in the history of professional wrestling. Hear stories about how they started training in Minneapolis and the elite crew of wrestlers who also started their careers at same time with them. Hear how they broke into the Georgia territory and stories about the people who helped them including Paul Ellering. Find out all of the stories about their days in the AWA and the tours of Japan where they were considered as foreign monsters. The Legion of Doom then shift to talk about their days in the NWA where they gained unbelievable popularity with their dominating wrestling style. Hear all the info about Flair and the 4 Horsemen, The Russians, The Powers of Pain and more. Then the interview gets really hot as the Warriors talk about Vince McMahon & their tenure in the WWF. Hear about the broken promises that Vince made that he didn’t fulfill. Hear their take about the whole Shawn-Bret deal, and they also talk about the death of Owen. Hawk in particular gets even more fired up as he vents a lot of his feelings towards Vince. Also the situation between Hawk & his wife towards Randy Savage & Gourgeous George comes up, and you can hear his side of the story. Matches are included as well as this interview just might be the most controversial interview done to date. RF Video is still amazed about what was said!