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Marvel-Us J's Wrestling Videos

* * Welcome to Marvel-US J's Wrestling Videos. This site contains tons of pro-wrestling videos as well as many others. All videos are up for trade so send me your lists! I'll trade hour for hour.All videos are $10.00.Disclaimer: The footage itself is free the $10.00 goes to the purchase of blank videos,vcr head cleaner & time and effort. Enough with all that heres the list!

WWF Pay Per Views
Royal Rumble's 1989-1999
Wrestlemania 3 [Andre vs. Hogan]
Wrestlemania 4 [WWF Championship Tournament]
Wrestlemania 5 [Hogan vs. Savage]
Wrestlemania 6 [Ultimate Warrior vs. Hogan]
Wrestlemania 8 [Sid vs. Hogan/Warrior Returns]
Wrestlemania 9 [Yokozuna vs. Bret Hart]
Wrestlemania 10 [Bret Hart vs. Yokozuna]
Wrestlemania 13 [Austin vs. Bret Hart]
Wrestlemania 14 [Austin vs. Michaels]
Wrestlemania 15 [Austin vs. The Rock]
Summerslam 88 [Mega Powers vs. Mega Bucks]
Summerslam 89
Summerslam 92 [Ultimate Warrior vs. Savage]
Summerslam 93 [Lex Luger vs. Yokozuna]
Summerslam 97 [Austin breaks neck]
Summerslam 98 [Austin vs. Undertaker]
Summerslam 99 [Austin vs. HHH vs. Mankind]
King of the Ring 94 [King of Harts is born]
King of the Ring 96 [Austin 3:16 is born]
King of the Ring 99
Survivor Series 88
Survivor Series 89
Survivor Series 91
Survivor Series 92
Survivor Series 93
Survivor Series 94
Survivor Series 95
Survivor Series 96
Survivor Series 97 [McMahons screwjob on Bret Hart]
Survivor Series 98 [WWF Championship Tournament]
In Your House
In Your House 2
In Your House 3
No Way Out 2-15-98
Fully Loaded 7-26-98
Fully Loaded 1999
International Incident
Over the Edge 5-31-98
Over the Edge 1999 [Owen Hart Accident]
Judgement Day [Austin is fired]
Breakdown 9-27-98
Unforgiven 1998
Unforgiven 9-26-99
Buried alive 10-20-96 [Undertaker vs. Mankind]
Mind Games [Michaels vs. Mankind]
Rock Bottom [Austin vs. Undertaker Buried Alive Match]
St. Valentines Day Massacre [Austin vs. McMahon]
Backlash 1999
No Mercy 1999
Armaggedon 1999
Fully Loaded 1999
Unforgiven 2000
Summerslam 2000
Royal Rumble 2000
Wrestlemania 2000
Backlash 2000
No Mercy 2000
Judgement Day 2000
Best of Monday Night RAW 1993 Vol.1 & Vol.2
Monday Night RAW [First Episode Ever]
RAW 5-18-98
RAW 4-20-98 [Austin vs. Goldust]
RAW 2-09-98
RAW 2-21-98
RAW 07-13-98 [Shawn Michaels Returns]
RAW 12-28-98 [Shawn Michaels gets fired]
RAW 01-05-99 [Mankind wins World Title]
RAW 06-23-97 [Sabu debuts in the WWF]
RAW 02-24-97 [ECW Invasion]
RAW 04-13-98 [Austin vs. Vince McMahon]
RAW 2-23-98
RAW 3-02-98 [Mike Tyson joins DX]
RAW 1-11-99 [Corporate Royal Rumble]
RAW 1-25-99 [Day after 1999 Rumble]
RAW 8-99 [Week before Summerlam 1999]
RAW 10-18-99
Sunday Night Heat [First Episode]
WWF All-American Wrestling [Last Episode]
Saturday Nights Main Event 2-92 [Sid/Hogan vs. Flair/Taker]
Saturday Nights Main Event 1990 [Hogan/Warrior vs. The Genius & Mr. Perfect]
WWF on MSG 11-20-91 [Hulk Hogan vs. Ric Flair]
WWF on MSG 7-91 [Ultimate Warrior vs. Undertaker-Body Bag Match] -Ending cut-off cable goes out-
The Main Event 2-5-88 [Andre the Giant wins WWF Title]
WWF Superstars 1-11-92 [Michaels throws Janetty through Barber Shop window]
WWF House Shows
WWF House Show 4-18-98 Hartford,CT [Austin vs. HHH]
WWF House Show 06-28-97 Aneheim,CA
WWF Home Video
Smack 'Em Whack 'Em
WWF's Most Unbelievable Matches
'Cause Stone Cold Said So
Undertakers Gravest Matches
Supertape Vol.1 [Zeus/Savage vs. Beefcake/Hogan in Cage]
Battle of the Superstars
Degeneration-X : The Video
History of Wrestlemania
Bashed in the U.S.A.
Wrestlefest 1994
Wrestlefest 1997
Rampage 1992
Austin vs. McMahon
The Rock: Know Your Role
WCW Videos
Slamboree 1998
Superbrawl 4
Superbrawl 8
Superbrawl 9
Starcade 1997 [Sting wins world title]
Starcade 1998 [Nash defeats Goldberg]
Battlebowl 1993
Halloween Havoc 1993
Halloween Havoc 1994
Halloween Havoc 1998 [Ultimate Warrior vs. Hogan]
Halloween Havoc 1999 [Goldberg vs. Sid/Goldberg vs. Sting]
World War 3 1997 [Scott Hall wins]
World War 3 1998 [Kevin Nash wins]
Great American Bash 1998
Fall Brawl 1998
Spring Stampede 1998 [Savage wins title]
Spring Stampede 1999
Souled Out 1998 [Nash vs. Giant [Giant breaks neck]
Souled Out 1999 [Hall vs. Goldberg ::Ladder Match::]
Bash at the Beach 1996 [Hogan joins nWo]
Bash at the Beach 1998 [Karl Malone & Rodman]
Road Wild 1998 [Jay Leno wrestles]
Uncensored 1998
Uncensored 1999
Collision in Korea 1995 [Special PPV]
Nitro 9-95 [First Episode]
Nitro 9-16-96 [X-pac debuts on Nitro]
Nitro 1-26-98
Nitro 2-02-98
Nitro 4-06-98 [Nash vs. Sting-World Title Match]
Nitro 4-20-98 [Goldberg wins U.S. Title from Raven]
Clash of the Champions XV
WCW Year End nWo Recap 1996
ECW Pay Per Views
Barely Legal 1997
Hardcore Heaven 1997
November to Remember 1997
November to Remember 1999
Heatwave 1998
Living Dangerously 1998
Living Dangerously 1999
Wrestlepalooza 1998
Guilty as Charged 1999
Guilty as Charged 2000
Hardcore Heaven 2000
Living Dangerously
RF Video
ECW Extreme Warfare Vol.1
ECW's Best of 1997 Vol.1
Rob Van Dam Shoot Interview
Al Snow Shoot Interview
Shawn Michaels Shoot Interview
ECW House Party 1998
ECW Fan Cams
ECW 3-14-98 Poughkeepsie,NY
ECW 8-02-97 Monica,PA
Mass Transit Incident
Compilation Videos
Best of Randy Savage
Best of Razor Ramon Vol.1
Best of Razor Ramon Vol.2
Best of Hulkamania
Best of Bret Hart
Best of Yokozuna
Best of The Undertaker
Best of Wrestlemania
Best of Lex Luger [WWF]
Best of The Ultimate Warrior
Best of Hayabusa
Best of Chris Jericho [Before Y2J]
Best of Sandman in ECW
Best of Steve Austin: Before Stone Cold Said So
Best of Chris Benoit (RF Video)
Best of The Hardy Boys in the Indies
Best of The Dudley Boys [ECW/WWF] 6hrs.
Wrestling Specials
A & E's Unbelievable Story of Pro-Wrestling
A & E's Jesse Ventura Biography
A & E's Bret Hart: Wrestling with Shadows
WWF's Summerslam Spectacular 1992
Terry Funks' Wrestlefest [Bret Hart vs. Terry Funk]
MTV's Diary of Chyna
Japan Videos
Best of Hardcore Japan Wrestling
IWA's Glass Hell Deathmatches
IWA's King of the Deathmatch Tournament [Mick Foley wins]
ICP Stranglemania
NWC Total Chaos
TV Appearances
Off the Record w/Gene Okerlund
Vince McMahon on Off The Record Part 1
Vince McMahon on Off The Record Part 2
Bret Hart on Off the Record
Steve Austin on Nash Bridges 2-99
Lucha Libra/Mexican Wrestling Videos
AAA/IWC When Worlds Collide PPV *awesome*
AAA Extreme Lucha Libre 1996 Vol. III
No Holds Barred Fighting
Ultimate Fighting Championship 14
Ultimate Fighting Championship 16:Battle in Bayou
The World Combat Championship
De La Hoya vs. Macho Camacho
De La Hoya vs. Ike Quartez
De La Hoya vs. Rivera
De La Hoya vs. Julio Ceaser Chavez II
Buster Douglas vs. Lou Savarese
Holyfield vs. Moorer II
Holyfield vs. Lennox Lewis 3-99
Holyfield vs. Lennox Lewis II 11-99
Mike Tyson vs. Botha
Dela Hoya vs. Felix Trinidad
Lennox Lewis vs. Grant
Trinidad vs. Ried
Mike Tyson vs. Andrew Golatta
80's TV Videos
You Can't Do That On Television - "Drugs" "Adobtion" "Party" "Pop Music" "Justice vs. Injustice" "Kids vs. Adults" "Moving" "Medicine"
Adventures of Little Koala - "Mingle Takes A Dave" "Is Weather A Frog?" "Old Clock Tower" "Save The Butterflies","A Broken Umbrella","Lost in a Race"
He-man & The Masters of The Universe - "Dawn of The Dragoon" "The Song of Celice" "The Return of Orkos Uncle" "The Creatures From The Tar Swamp" "She-Demons of Phantas" "Like Father, Like Daughter" "The Time Corridor"
Todays Special - "Adventure"
Ren & Stimpy (most of the 1st season)
Hulk Hogans Rock N' Wrestling - "The 4 Legged Pick Pocket"
Shirt Tales - "Bogey Goes Ape" "The Rain, The Park, The Robot"
Diff'rent Strokes (1 ep. "Willis' Beauty Pagaent" w/ commercials)
Beavis & Butt-head (alot)
Fat Albert & The Cosby Kids (6 untitled episodes)
Misc. Videos
Mick Foley: The Loved One Home Video (Fair Quality)
Howard Sterns' Butt Bongo Fiesta Video
The Cell (Screener)
Def Comedy Jam All Stars Vol. 2
Def Comedy Jam All Stars Vol. 5
Tom Green: Something Smells Funny
Tom Green: Tonsil Hockey
Eminem: Hitz & Disses
Want List
Action figures
DVD's or VCD's
Hiphop videos or concert videos
Wrestling Videos! Anything i don't have send me your list or site
TV shows/cartoons from the 1980's
Almost anything! Make me an offer.
ECW FAN CAM HARRISBURG PA 6-5-98 [Dudley Riot]
Best of Backyard Wrestling
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