Violent Night 12/29/01
big mommas soul food brand "roasted barbecue flavored rib cookies" in association with callaway's "we're just friends" air fresheners presents...


beautiful bobby is defeated by newcomer Tech n9ne

little nutz champ crisis defeats abrith

ravishing reggie, 3 foot afro and all, resurrects jesus christ, who is attacked by daisy mae

double nut champ beautiful bobby loses to havoc, with help from agony. bobby retains the title. weird ending to this match...agony comes out attacks bobby, havoc pins bobby for the win, then agony attacks havoc!!!

main event...
in a wild match of stoolie and blaque hart vs agony and adaven and raider and no ego, agony misery bombs blaque hart for the pin and blaque hart must retire. this match sees stoolie and raider getting serious injuries

other notes from the show...flaco, funny freddy, 187, texas toast, steve o, and paine all were absent...uwf hardcore icon, funny bone, provided refereeing services for the show, after the main event was long over and after cameras stopped rolling, stoolie and no ego continued to brawl with the end result of no ego being put through a sheet of glass at the hands of stoolie...