2/10/01-the second annual karmageddon was held, fans saw such matches as stoolie vs midnight stalker and beautiful bobby vs 187 in a 4 out of 7 tables match that was far ahead of its time

2/23/02-the third annual karmageddon goes down as one of the most history making mpw events ever. why you ask? well, a new really big fat nutz champion was crowned in no ego as he defeated stoolie in a grueling bout, but the real suprise happened when no ego tore of his mask to reveal rob kong, who stoolie had retired more than a year earlier. rob kong had been wrestling as no ego for exactly one year as his big break came. but the show wasn't over yet, see a rival professional wrestling organization was in the house and one of their members attacked stoolie in which a brawl between the two began which led to a standoff between mpw and the rival organization