Weight: 1,269 kilos
Height: 17 Bricks past an iron rod
From: The broken down stall in the ladies room at Dannys bar
Theme: Propaganda by Sepultura
Finisher: Atomic Abortion, Still-Born Drop, or simply throwing anything he can find
Quote: "Put em on the glass"
Titles Held: 4 Time Really big Fat Nutz World Champion, 1 time Little Nutz Champ
He is one of three founding fathers of Moon Pie. Probably the most cocky, yet laid back wrestlers in MPW. This cock-bite strated his career by bullying around the chess club in the living room of who now calls himself Howie D. Talentless, sloppy and just hard on the eyes, Stoolie is one of the most popular grapplers in the world of Moon Pie. Stoolie is loved by some, hated by Aunt Debbie, and envied by most MPW superstars based on the amount of punishment he can take and the number of championships he has held...