Ravishing Reggie

From: The Mean Streets of Maui, otherwise known as the Hawaiian Ghetto
Height: 6'0"
Weight: 250 lbs
Quote: There is only one way to describe that...PURE AGONY!!!
Move: Hawaiian Thingiemabob
Theme: Humpty dance by Digital Underground
Record: 0-1-1
Ravishing Reggie, from the now defunct EBWF, made his return at Karmageddon 2001, to ref the non-title match between Stoolie and newcomer Midnight Stalker. This situation had fishy written all over it. Just when one thought that Stoolie had the bout wrapped up, Reggie delivered a chair to Stoolie's large cranium. Then Ravishing and Midnight Stalker shocked everyone when Agony was revealed as the Stalker. Now that they have the Fat Nutz Title and The Maximillian Mine Immigration Law Firm on their side, the loopholes in contracts will continue and Stoolie may never hold the seat again...

Seeing how you have to change pages to see the RPVideo link, here is Ravishing Reggie's shameless plug once more RPVideo.com