127 lbs
From: The Feminine Hygene Aisle at your local supermarket
Quote: "When you hear me, fear me, when you see me, run"
Theme: My Way by Limp Bizkit(MPW Remix)
Move(s): Inhaler, Tocable(like the Roll of the Dice) The Flaco(named after his best man), Froggystyle-The Gunny Sack Flop(Frogsplash)
Record: 6-21-1
Crazy mofo made his debut at Karmageddon 2000 and has proven his rightful place in MPW by beating the one and only Stoolie in his first match. The Raider/Stoolie feud has become one of the most well known rivalries in this side of Moon Pie. But Raider has turned his back on the MPW and Stoolie. At Suvanamongkol '01, Raider helped Agony defeat Stoolie in the 2 out of 3 falls bout for the Fat Nutz World Title. The funny thing is, just one short year ago, Raider was abducted by the EBWF, which was lead by Agony. Did it take Agony one year to get inside Raiders head? Now that Donny Durango and Pain are gone, Raider has joined Agony's Stable, the Maximillian Mine Immigration Law Firm. Raider is also a 2 time Really Big Fat Nutz Champ...