Earlier, I received an e-mail from a person, who wished to remain anonymous, about the NWF and their comments in the MPW Guestbook...

"To all the NWF marks
Please stop wrestling at a park
MPW attracts more fanz
Not just families at the park throwing away soda cans-
In the garbage near the playground
Seeing 73 hurracanranas would make one frown
You want a war? Well you got it
When i think replica belts, I think of taking a shit
Oh my, the logs spell NWF, and resemble corn with creme
C'mon guys stop using WWF themes
MPW offered open arms
but your prissy, arrogant attitudes caused harm
To yourself of course
MPW wrestles on matresses indeed
Saying you are better because you don't, just gives your egos the food it needs
In closing, I must say this is not Hammock, Dean or Clark...
I dont wrestle for MPW, but I have seen you girls wrestle at the park

Get off the pedastal guys, you're acting like whining bitches"