MPW Philosophy

...a special word from the staff of moon pie wrestling

thank you for taking the time to visit moon pie wrestling. before one judges the mpw with the preconceived notion that all backyard wrestling is dumb and the people that do it are loony or a few cans short of a 6 pack let us make you aware of a few things...

we are not out to hurt each other, we are simply providing an alternative for people by incorporating 3 very important aspects that will appeal to everyone:

1) storylines

2) wrestling action, whether it be high-flying, or technical

3) brutality and hardcore spots

now, we realize that backyard wrestling is not going to get us on any monday night show, or have a promoter come begging to recruit any one of us. the majority of our guys have no desire to ever wrestle professionally. all in all, we are not out for blood, we are not some crazy preteens throwing ourselves on lightbulbs or blatantly performing dangerous stunts to show how big our sack is, we are entertainment, we do it for the fans, we are mpw...the new breed of backyard wrestling