this month in mpw history


3/2000 -MPW holds the first ever Justice Died Here, which saw the debut of 187 and the beginning of his historic feud with Beautiful Bobby

3/2001 -At Justice Died Here...Again, fans witnessed the debuts of 2 new wrestlers, Corporal Punishment and No Ego. They would take on the unusual team of Stoolie and Midnight Stalker, for the brand new MPW Double Nut Tag Team Titles. No Ego and Corporal Punishment would get the win but at a painful cost, as Stoolie slammed a shopping cart on No Ego's head busting him open. As the victorious team celebrated to the locker room, Midnight Stalker attacked Stoolie and revealed himself to be Agony, a rogue wrestler from another federation.

3/16/02 -Justice Died Here...Yet Again could be called one of the craziest MPW shows ever with a solid card, local band Broken End tearing the house down, police showing up several times and a bloodbath main event that put 2 behemoths up against each other in a rematch of sorts. It was MPW Really Big Fat Nutz Champ Rob Kong vs Stoolie in one of the most brutal matches ever. These guys held nothing back, shooting on each other with chairs, barbed wire, and such, but the match was virtually cut short when Stoolie nailed Kong in the head with steel mailbox that required 11 stitches and 4 staples, but they continued for a few moments more with Rob Kong getting the pin and an acknowledgement of respect and friendship was witnessed as the 2 shook hands and exchanged words as they sent the show into history