Most people dont know this, but...(and this is a shoot)

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-Agony trained with Mustafa Said, one half of the ECW Gangstaz
-5/19 of the active MPW roster have jobs
-In late November 2001, Agony wrestled Funny Bone at the UWF Wrestling School. As some may remember, Funny Bone was the guest referee at Violent Night in December of 2001, oh ya...Agony won
-Marriage equals tax break
-Ravishing Reggie is the ring announcer for the aformentioned UWF
-One day, Agony, Stoolie, and No Ego went target shooting...The victims included a bottle of curell, brown orange juice, a can of beefaroni, one of those antenna balls of "Wilson" from the movie Castaway and almost 200 beer bottles from Funny Freddy's porch. After the bottle of curell was vaporized, there was a rich funk of lotion smell surrounding the area that they were in. They also leveled a cactus with the "double 0" shells
-No matter what time of day it is, and if he is in the right angle of the light and the swamp gas of Venus just bounced off the moon, Sam looks thinner...
-MPW met Abrith and Blaque Hart through a wrestling radio talk show
-Howie D and Stoolie are longtime childhood friends
-Agony is a multiple time freestyle wrestling state champion's official video count as of 6/5/00 is 2042
-Flaco is Stoolie's nephew
-Funny Freddy is the father of Krazy Kim and Rob Kong
-Flaco is studying to be a doctor
-Agony, Ravishing Reggie, Adaven, Paine, Havoc, and Big McGuiness all went to school together
-Stoolie, Howie D, Rob Kong, Eric the Extremist, and Corporal Punishment all went to school together, but only 3 graduated
-Raider was discovered through a friend of Rob Kong
-XTC's mother dated Joey Marella, who is Gorilla Monsoon's son and the cousin of Rob Kong and Krazy Kim

***mpw tattoos***

-The MPW crew love is the rank of most ink to least amount of ink:
Stoolie: Soulflfy logo, name and "Primitive" album cover, huge Sepultura logo, Static-X logo, an onc, skull w/batwings, Hemlock logo, Raven, self portrait, the names Glenda, Sherry, and Andy, and most important of all, an "In Memory Of" for his late father
Agony: Kanji covering one thigh, a Superman logo and tribal covering the other thigh, a huge Lady Luck piece on the side of his calf, and an MPW Brotherhood on his calf
Rob Kong: Cross-Sticks Skull Tribal on one arm, radiation skull, bionic skull, flaming skull, and spiderweb skull on the other arm and a small Sepultura logo on his leg
Havoc: skull tearing through the skin and some tribal work
Funny Freddy: cobra on one arm and a panther head on the other arm
Crisis: Flaming MPW logo on his shoulder
Beautiful Bobby: Hatchetman on the small of his back
No Ego: Soulfly logo on his leg
Raider: MPW 4:20 right above his junk
Holl E Would: Taurus sign on the small of her back and Kanji for "good luck" and "love" on her shoulder

***real name list of the current roster***

stoolie - james hammock
rob kong - robert ice
howie d - david clark
flaco - kyle bowen
beautiful bobby - robert "bobby" teel
funny freddy - fred ice
krazy kim - kimberly ice
raider - daniel jordan
crisis - james woods
agony - sam dean
abrith - bryan brown
havoc - dustin ???
daisy mae - lori friedgen
adaven - matthew hampton
jesus - shaun smith
mickey daygo - ryan pruitt
kanabal - ?brandon von lockjaw?
flawless kid - stevie garcia

***the origins of mpw event names***

-bruised ass - at the first mpw show ever, rob kong fought stoolie, the show had no name, it was just us guys havin fun, and since stoolie jumped off a patio and bruised his ass bone, we decided to call it bruised ass...
-waka waka - when one of the guys was just spewing off bullshit, we used to say it was a bunch of waka...
-brawl in the backyard - speaks for itself...
-y2karnage - since mpw started in late 1999 and everybody was worried about the y2k crisis, we just put the two together...
-karmageddon - is a song by soulfly and we thought it would be fitting...
-justice died here - these three words are the last lyrics in the song "i am" by stataic x...
-bizahwataba - this event name was named by rob kong, when he and stoolie were just bullshitting around. this was around the time that it was trendy to add the letters "iz" to a word, i.e. thats the bomb = thats the bizomb. so they added iz to a song by kid rock called bawitaba and came up with bizahwataba...
-suvanamongkol - this is the last name of one of stoolie's good friends from childhood
-...and justice for few - stoolie's sister's boyfriend drew this name on a bench and it was seen by the guys and they loved it...
-enemas and animals - this name came from a porn video that some of the guys saw. on the video was beastialities and porn enemas, hence the name enemas and animals...
-brawl2k - brawl in the backyard and y2karnage were merged...
-deliberate intent - named by agony, it just sounded cool and went along with the major storyline of that particular show...
-drunken stupor - named by howie d, one night at an mpw party, he said, "im not drunk and stupor". so thats a drunk howie for you...
-bruised ass 3.5 - the reason for the 3 and a half show, was because bruised ass 3 had to be stopped because of a fight in the crowd and rather than cheat the fans, mpw held a show 2 weeks later and called it 3.5, cuz it wasnt quite 3 qnd it wasnt quite 4 yet...
-maximum jihad - this one was originally called maximuum brutality, but because of the 9/11 tragedy we changed it to jihad, but we in no way support terrorism, al queda, or any other sand related things...
-violent night - named by beautiful bobby years ago, it is held in december and kind of plays off of silent night. get it?...
-4:20 - it was on april 20th. get it?...
-uninhibited terror - mickey daygo had it spray painted on a jumpsuit before we met him and he showed us and thought it would be a catchy name for a show...