blaque hart defeats texas toast in a fast paced 5 minute match, but the real story is after the actual match. steve o comes out to confront daisy mae, but they attack texas toast and leave arm in arm. looks like texas toast is out of a manager and a girlfriend

abrith wins an impromptu match against little nutz champ crisis, however the match was not for the title, but abrith will get a title shot at violent night because of his victory

what was supposed to be the wig splitaz vs paine and havoc for the double nut titles turned out to be havoc vs beautiful bobby for the titles since these guys' partners had not arrived yet. so agony comes out during the match and attacks both bobby and havoc, but lays down with bobby on top of himself giving bobby the pin, because technically agony came out to be havoc's partner: new champs the wig splitaz

stoolie comes out and threatens mpw commissioner alabama man to make his match with no ego a non title match. no ego defeats stoolie when a plan of stoolie and blaque harts' goes awry, but no ego is not the really big fat nutz champ

paine arrives and makes an open challenge. steve o accepts it, but falls short of winning the match

agony vs raider, agony gets the clean pinfall but adaven once again comes out to help attack raider, but no ego comes out to help his little buddy raider, and stoolie and blaque hart follow no ego out and a huge melee ensues, with blaque and stoolie being laid out and no ego and raider scaring off agony and adaven