karmageddon results
on saturday february 23rd, 2002, 111 fans had the pleasure of seeing one of the greatest mpw shows ever. so many things went down, it is hard to list them all. first of all, we saw the return of rob kong, who in fact was competing in mpw under a mask for the last year as no ego. well he defeated stoolie for the really big fat nutz title. after this match, a pro wrestler by the name of major maniac from a local federation(uwf - ultimate wrestling federation) attacked stoolie and this resulted in a huge standoff of mpw vs major maniac's uwf crew. as mentioned before, there were 111 fans in attendance, mpw's biggest crowd ever. we also found out that daisy mae is one tough chick and saw the debut of 2 new wrestlers, so on with the results...

karmageddon started off with a dedication to shaun smith aka mpw's jesus

flaco returned saying he is ready to manage somebody and the wig splitaz answered him , but 187 jumped the gun telling beautiful bobby that they should just let flaco in their group and bobby disagreed and was upset at 187 for not showing up at the last few shows and they started brawling, this ending up with bobby challenging 187 later on in the show

"saigon stench" jimmy wang was defeated by mickey daygo in a battle of the newcomers

in a 15 minute shootfight between daisy mae and abrith, the crowd unanimously voted daisy as the winner

blaque hart asked for a second chance and almost kissed stoolies ass, but kissed the american flag and defeated little nutz champ crisis in a non title match to get his job back in the mpw

187 was victorious against beautiful bobby after a fuckin death powerbomb on thumbtacks took bobby out

in a grudge match, raider cleanly defeated adaven

in a brutal main event, no ego defeats champion stoolie and as no ego unmasks, we find out its been rob kong under the disguise of no ego for the last year, and then all hell broke loose as mpw faced off with uwf