Howie D

149 & 3/4 lbs
From: Las Vegas, NV
Theme: Suffocate by Staind
Finisher: Superkick to Chair
Quote: "Thats definately a given", "Holy shit", and "Oh my god!!!"
Nickname: Steven
Record: 1-0-1
Howie D's career was cut short by a plethora of injuries such as chronic headaches, back pain, chipped teeth,a recently dislocated elbow not to mention an injured C6 vertebrae(Please note: all of the preceding injuries occured in the HDLRWF-Howie D Living Room Wrestling Federation, it could be called the prequel of what is now present day MPW). Nonetheless he can still dish out the pain. Now he is the voice behind the mayhem and still hates Stoolie, since Stoolie ended his career. Since Funny Freddy introduced Flaco as Vice commissioner, Howie introduced interim commissioner, Dionisio Lazario. Howie welcomed "Pillsbury"(also known as Old Scool Joe Lewis)in to the MPW in a first ever no weapons match and defeated Lewis...

Congrats to Howie D for being the best damn award winning "announcer" there ever was.

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