Funny Freddy - The Commissioner

From: The Mountains of BUSCHHHHHHHH
Quote:" Hey hows it goin?"
Freddy is the commissioner of the MPW & Howie D's sidecack at the announcing booth. He is the decision maker when it comes to all disputes in the federation. Freddy introduced the MPW Title at the Brawl in the Backyard "99 preshow. Commissioner Freddy is now back from his trip to scout new talent for the MPW. He promises to deliver the "new talent" before the end of the year...
***Please note, the picture to the right was taken on Howie D's 21st birthday. It was proven that night that Jack was indeed in control of the situation, and that these 2 hooligans have no idea in hell whats going on ...***

The co-commissioners of the MPW, Flaco and Funny Freddy

Commissioner Funny Freddy with MPW fanatics, Angie and Krazy Kim