Flaco Q. Mormonschefsky VIII

MPW Vice Commissioner
111 lbs
From: Yo Mama
Theme: Get to the Gone by Static X
Finisher: Flack Bottom, Nobodys Elbow
Quote:"It's me, it's me, it's the one that impregnated all the women of your family "
Nickname:Flaco B Flac
Flaco is MPW. He has been a mainstay since day one. From managing Stoolie, to being knocked out by Rob Kong, to being named Vice Commissioner, Flaco has done it all. He has even held the Little Nutz Title. Even though he doesnt give a shit about zebra shirts, he is one of the best referees, that the sport has ever witnessed, that's right Flaco is Senior Official here at MPW and is very talented at playing the guitar. Look for him coming to an operating room near you soon...