MPW without a doubt had the best show ever in the 33 months that it's been around! Enemas and Animals 2G's + 2 had a record attendance of 195 people and was a show that will never be forgotten by everyone who saw it. Way to go MPW fanz!

First of all, a huge thanks goes out to local band State of War for putting on such an awesome set after the show. Some great songs were played indeed.

The show started with Agony running out with a cause and talking Rob Kong into putting his #1 shot at the Really Big Fat Nutz Championship up for grabs against him in the first match.

Then 2 penis looking hornyacks walked out and talked some trash with plenty of hot air about MPW and other "garbage", but Rob Kong, Stoolie, and Mickey Daygo scared them out of the Holl E Would Fairgrounds.

In the first match, Agony cheatingly beat Rob Kong with help from the champion Abrith (Abrith's light tube shot to Rob Kong's head), and Agony became the new #1 contender to face Abrith in the main event for the championship. Total screwjob!

Daisy Mae defeated The Flawless Kid in the 2nd match.

Papa Splynt made a huge return to the MPW and faced Raider in an awesome match. Raider was victorious after the Impailer.

Then Blaque Hart made yet another huge return to the MPW and faced Mickey Daygo. Mickey Daygo won the match with his amazing finisher.

Stoolie faced Beautiful Bobby in a brutal match. Stoolie took care of business by pummelizing a bloody Bobby and cleanly pinning him for the win. This match also saw some interference from Timmy Twizted, a hardcore icon from a rival wrestling promotion, Twizted gave Bobby a chairshot when Bobby threw a beer at him

MPW Little Nutz Champion Adaven retained his title as he beat Crisis in a very competitive return match.

And in the main event, MPW Really Big Fat Nutz Champion Abrith faced Agony in a classic match with a surprising appearance of Rob Kong as the special guest referee. In the end of the match, Abrith accidentally knocked out Rob Kong, and then Abrith and Agony started stomping Rob Kong while he was down. Then Stoolie ran out to save Rob Kong, and then all of the MPW wrestlers followed after Stoolie, resulting in a huge serious brawl in the yard. Everybody put Abrith on a table that wouldn't break very easily, as Rob Kong did a running bodyslam on Abrith through it; then Stoolie viciously powerbombed Abrith head first through the table; and then everyone put Abrith back on the table as Papa Splynt climbed all the way to the top of the ladder and did an unbelievable frontflip off the ladder, crashing through Abrith and smashing the table into pieces as 195 fans were screaming, cheering and jumping up and down ending the 3rd annual Enemas and Animas with a blast, leaving it the best show in MPW history. Abrith is still the MPW Really Big Fat Nutz Champion, and is looking to get back at Rob Kong for the revenge that Kong gave him at the end of the show.