mpw has arrived...
with over 60 fans at our show enemas and animals 2gs + 1, this was the best and most brutal event moon pie wrestling has ever put on. thanks to all of the fans who were there, the guys did it for each and every one of you. for the fans that missed it, you are making a very big mistake, dont put off going to an mpw show any longer... get your ass there next month!!! here are the results followed by the injury report...

alabama man and funny freddy make their return and put ravishing reggie in his place
beautiful bobby defeats xtc 2 falls to 1 in a best 2 out of 3 falls match with little nutz champ, crisis handling the refereeing duties
the no ego/devistation vs abrith/blackheart bruce evans tag match was deemed a no contest due to the outside interference from the return of popp a splynt
stoolie defeated raider with a spagackaplex
the first ever immigrational match that included "tito havik", "paco pain", texas toast terry williams, rey misterio, and crisis, was won by psychosis, when he jumped out of the crowd and pinned rey misterio
agony defeats 187 in the where's my title match, when agony discovered that the title was in raiders backpack, then a melee ensued with the whole locker room spilling out to defend mpw against agony and raider. then popp a splynt flew off the roof and leveled every wrestler in the yard, showing that mpw had the upper hand

injury report
agony gets 6 stitches in his skull... 187 has lacerations behind his ear from a light tube... no ego has multiple cuts on his elbow and forearm, from a plate of glass and stoolie is lacerated on his forehead from a cheese grater, but the big story is beautiful bobby. word has it that he has torn muscles and a fracture in his neck as the result of a powerbomb form xtc through glass on to the dirt.