black dragon and raw power go the distance in an unbelievable 15 minute time limit draw

xtc defeats 187 with help from beautiful bobby

187 helps crisis beat beautiful bobby, with a fuckin death powerbomb through a table

paine & havoc retain their double nut tag team titles in a handicapped match against texas toast terry williams, which was followed by a 5 minute brawl between mpw junior official, steve o and daisy mae lu su

in an impromptu match, abrith dominated blaque hart, to finish off their feud, which has been going on for about a year(in another federation) and four months in mpw

stoolie and agony defeat raider and no ego, in the brutal main event. the match started out with raider taking on stoolie and agony going straight for no ego, but ended up with all participants beating each other. blaque hart enters the yard and starts jawing with the fans, as no ego soon attacks him, then stoolie helps blaque pummel no ego. as all of this is happening a fan attacks raider and agony pins his ally for the win. stoolie and agony exchange words and smack fists in a show of respect? unity? i have no clue. they leave the yard with raider and no ego lying in a heap, fans wondering what the hell. no ego stumbles over to his injured partner and acts as if to say, "what the hell happened." no ego raises raiders hand in an act of true unity and helps his injured friend backstage to get medical help.

other notes from drunken stupor...

alabama man is the new co-commissioner of the mpw

mpw icon, pajama sam, was backstage visiting his buddy crisis. no plans on his return

devistation has been, well terminated from mpw, due to his lack of heart and no showing to 2 events

abrith provided some great commentary for more than half the show

4am fatality f*ckin rocks!!!