what started out as a good day progressively got better, but took a turn for the worst...due to a brawl between some inebriated fans and some fans that were minding their own business trying to have a good time, bruised ass 3 had to be cancelled right before the main event of agony vs stoolie vs no ego for the fat nutz title. it was a mess, these drunk fans also jumped an innocent mpw fan at his car for no reason and the cops had to be called and organizers shut the show down for the safety of the fans and the wrestlers. its pretty sad when alcohol has to ruin what was to be the biggest mpw show ever. this was mpws greatest day, we saw local hardcore band HEMLOCK at the holl e would fairgrounds as well as a record setting amount of fans, but never fear, we have a plan. the fathers of mpw, howard, hammock, lenard, and sanford are in negotiations to have a sort of tuesday night in texas deal.( for those of you who know what that is, great. if not, dont worry about it) we want to make it worth the fans' time to come out and see the main event that never took place, along with some other matches. we are trying to have this on november 10th. as more info becomes available it will be posted here. now on to the results

blaque hart defeats newcomer adaven and crisis, with the help of stoolie

black dragon overcomes raw power in a tables match that saw the return of kracker

havoc quickly beats texas toast terry williams to retain the double nut titles

abrith cleanly defeats raider in a sort of respect match

and in the "beds of chaos" match, beautiful bobby defeats 187 for the first time ever. boy, hats off to these kids again. what a bloodbath. this could be a candidate for best match ever, in my opinion it certainly was.