And Justice For Few may have been MPW's craziest show ever! Thank you to all of you that showed up, had a great time, and helped us get our record breaking attendance of OVER 160 people!!!!

First of all, a huge thanks goes out to local band Mutilated Agony for playing such a kick ass set during and after the show!!!


In the main event, Rob Kong and Stoolie beat the team of Agony and the MPW Really Big Fat Nutz Champion Abrith in a tag team grudge match when Rob Kong pinned Abrith after a tombstone piledriver on thumbtacks. Rob Kong is now the #1 contender since he pinned the champion. This match was sick!!! Tons of blood! During the match, Rob Kong threw Abrith over the back wall....Rob Kong followed, and Kong and Abrith fought behind the Holl E Would Fairgrounds for over 10 minutes, as they fought all the way around the block, and then entered back in through the front of the yard.....meanwhile, Stoolie and Agony beat the living hell out of each other. They did things to each other that would kill a normal person. Both of them were covered in blood, and both of them at different times during the match threw the shopping cart on each other. SICK MATCH!!!

In other matches, Adaven pinned Crisis and became the NEW MPW Little Nutz Champion. Havik was the special guest referee, and after Adaven won the title, Havik attacked both Crisis and Adaven. Crisis had the title for about 13 months.....impressive streak, but he finally got dethroned from the man from the Psych Ward.

Also, Beautiful Bobby defeated Mickey Daygo in another SICK, bloody, and brutal match as well. Mickey Daygo gave Bobby so many chairshots from hell, but Bobby survived the match, and was victorious.

Last but not least, Kanabal won his match against Daisy Mae and newcomer The Flawless Kid in a 3 way elimination match. This was another crazy and bloody match, and in the end, Kanabal put Daisy Mae on a table, climbed the back wall, and did a flying splash off the wall onto Daisy and the flawless kid pinned her, but in a matter of moments kanabal pinned flawless for the win