From: God knows where, might be outside your window
Height: 5'11"
Weight: 260 lbs
Quote: "Fuck the MPW, I'm out..."
Move: Misery Bomb(pumphandle into a spike-piledriver), Pure Agony(hard forearm shot)
Theme: Waiting To Die by (hed)pe
Record: 7-4-2
Agony had a very brief stint in MPW, back in mid-2000, then was never heard from again, until a "Midnight Stalker" appeared at Karmageddon. Turns out that it was Agony wearing a cheap luchador mask, given to him by the remaining member of the Rasta Cartel. Agony defeated Stoolie at Bizahwataba '01 to become Really Big Fat Nutz Champ. Was defeated at ...And Justice for Few 2001, for the Fat Nutz title, by Mrs Hamm, in a very controversial match. Even with mass confusion, Agony regained the title at E & A 2gs + 1, in a "Where's my Title match". With his ruthless and "I dont give a shit" attitude, not even law enforcement or mall security could keep this guy from doing whatever he wants...