AdaVen...Pure Psycho


Ht: 5'11"
Wt: 210 lbs
From: The Psych Ward
Theme: Engel by Rammstein
Move: Psycho Mule Kick
Quote: "..."
Record: 0-1-0
AdaVen debuted at Bruised Ass 3, but this was not his first appearance. At Deliberate Intent a fan had a scuffle with Raider, but he was soon escorted out by MPW security aka Big McGuinnes. Then, at Drunken Stupor, the same fan came out and leveled Raider with an axe kick of sorts, causing Raider to lose the match he was involved in. Finally this psycho revealed who he was and accepted open challenges from Blaque Hart and Crisis at Bruised Ass. And old Raider hasn't forgotten about AdaVen either. These two have a hatred for each other and look for them to feud for a long time to come...