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TR Asylum

[you will be dead much longer than you are alive. this is the truth of things. better get used to the idea. the lives of men and women, cats and dogs, birds and fish are merely hiccups in an endlessness that will never be fully realized. you are here now and will be gone in some years, months, perhaps even days or hours. the execution of this plan will never change, despite the fact that you will do your best to convince yourself otherwise. you merely feed off the scraps of words and wares consolidated by those that came before you. you are a thing void of structural intergrity. like anything built or born, you will eventually succumb to either the weight of the world of the weight of walking in it. this is the only thing you ever need to come to terms with. that eventually you will be lost. they will lose you. you will be forgotten and never heard from again. and no one will ever know the story that was your life.
by matthew good]

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last tampered with: june 15, 2002ish
***under reconstruction

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