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I am attempting to trade mark the word theTM, anyone who uses the word theTM should pay me $1 per use.

I have already banned theTM owners of from using theTM domain, it soon will be transferred to me (thanks network solutions you guys are great!).

Any websites that come up on top of mine when searching for the word "theTM" will be subject to search and any documents found containing theTM word "theTM" on your or your mothers premises will be destroyed. During the search we may also prove you can access theTM internet by setting up a satellite dish on your mothers roof if necessary, alternatively we have full right to send short wave radio broadcast to a modulator / demodulator to access theTM internet if out of satellite range.

Any search engines that ignore theTM word theTM are required to correct this anti "theTM" tactic immediately.



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