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A Little Something From Kay Brubaker Please Read Below:

This Website was made for many reasons.
It is here to look at all of the wonderful memories there are of
Bobby Benavidez.
This is a memeorial and a rememberance site.
We all know that things will never be the same without Bobby here,
And we also know that there is no one who can fill those little, yet huge shoes of his.
If you knew Bobby well you knew he was the
Mr. Sporty, popular, and the joker.
Whenever you needed a smile to pick you up you could bet that Bob would be there to make you laugh.
He always had that mischiff grinn about him and that little sparkle in his eyes when he would smile.
Those are the things that we will always remember about Bobby.
Please hold your heads up high and think of all the great memories we have had in the past with Bobby.
You know that is what Bobby would want us to do.
I hope that this website helps you get through the ruffs times like it did me....Nelda and Lucy I don't know what i would have did without either of you, You both mean more to me than words can ever express.
Thank you for making this wonderful place Nelda.
With love always- Kay Brubaker

~Song Playing~"If Tomarrow Never Comes"