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Own the official Soundtrack of the HWF featuring horse themes from past and present horses like "Gridiron's Theme", "War Machine", and "Your Time Is NOW" on this 14 track CD. All songs are performed by the HWF's official heavy metal group, Snakeskin. E-Mail to order.
Price: $14.99

Own the official T shirt of the HWF! It's what Clint Barker and his employees wear at the venues. This 100% Hanes Cotton shirt has the web address on the back. Comes in two colors, Black or White.
Price: $19.99
Do you support the HWF? Are you an American? (As opposed to those filthy bootes) Tell everyone that you're proud to support the HWF and that it truly is America's New Pastime. The back reads that it's America's NEW National Pastime. Be a proud HWF fan and pick up this shirt. Price: $19.99

To Order: thehorseking@hotmail.com

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