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Germany better prepare itself for the single most exciting sport in horse entertainment. Horse Wrestling, or should we say Pferd Kämpfen, is going German.

In a deal that is worth hundreds of thousands, the exalted Clint Barker and wealthy German businessman Hans Schnarpfen have come to an agreement to bring Horse Wrestling to Germany, and only Germany. Mr. Barker stills owns the copyrights to Horse Wrestling, but has granted Schnarpfen permission to hold events in Germany. Schnarpfen approached Mr. Barker about holding events in Germany last year after a trip to the States. Barker actually turned it down last September, but when approached again with a very large sum at hand, a promise to keep the sport the same as it is in America, and numerous share profits, Clint signed the dotted line with a smile. The Deutsche Pferd KämpfenVerbindung (German Horse Wrestling Association) will start kicking and fighting Spring 2001.

The terms of the deal is in Clint's favor. Clint and the HWF will recieve over $200,000 for letting the Germans hold events for the next four years. Barker and The HWF will aslo recieve 15% of the yearly gross income of the DPKV (Deutsche Pferd KämpfenVerbindung).

When asked about his thought son the deal by HWF online, Clint Barker said "I think that this is a very good thing for both parties. Ah, The HWF as a whole will be getting more publicity which in the long run means more ticket sales, and Germany will be getting the most entertaining events in sports and horse entertainment. Everything good about Horse Wrestling here, will be spread to an audience over there. It's just good for the sport of Horse Wrestling. This is something we needed, you know? It was the next step up. Not only is it good for the sport but it's very good for both myself and Hans [Schnarpfen]. It's huge, and it now takes The HWF from a small time leader in sports entertainment, to really, a business."

Speaking through a translator Hans Schnarpfen said this when asked why he wanted horse wrestling in Germany. "It's very entertaining. It's makes for a great family outing. When you go to an HWF show, you feel amazed. I wanted my people to have the same feeling. I wanted Germans to know and love Horse Wrestling. The experience is something everyone should experience at leats once. I know Germans will love it." The DPKV is schedule to kick off in Spring 2000. Part of the deal requires that the DPKV keep all rules and regulations the HWF follows. Keep checking back for more information on the DPKV as it becomes available. Don't forget to check out the DPKV web site by clicking here.