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If you have any questions about horse wrestling that you'd like to ask the exalted Clint Barker, please send them to us by clicking here! It's not guaranteed your question will be proposed to Clint Barker, but it's very likely.

Q. How did you get the idea for horse wrestling?
Well, back in 1981 I was a manager for a pro-wrestler in the NEWC (New England Wrestling Circuit). His gimmick or character was Billy "The Ranger" Robidoux. Whenever possible, he'd ride a horse into the ring. One fine March, in an outdoor event, another wrestler also rode a horse to the ring as part of his gimmick. To make a long story short, the two horses fought and stole the show. The crowd went nuts. That's when it occured that people might want to see this. So in '82 I patented the sport.

Q. What are the rules for horse wrestling?
When I started the sport there were three pretty basic ones. The first being No bailing your horse out. Once it enters it comes out alive or not at all. The second was no weapons allowed. This means owners can't throw stuff or use any sort of object to rile up the horses, if the referee sees some sort of device is needed to get the match going, that's the only time one can be used. And the third one, that is now null, was that the horses had to wear safety helmets. This would ensure a longer match, but this rule was nullified this year. The rules are basically the same, but many more "minor" ones have been added such as the ten by twenty rule, stating that regulation pits must bee ten feet deep and twenty by twenty feet. At least two refs and three judges must be presednt for a match. There is also the entering ramp regulations which have stayed the same since day one. Also, there are many horse entering regulations as well.

Q. Why do the horses have to kill each other?
This is my favorite question. The reasons a horse must die in order to win is one, because of the mass amounts of horses in the HWF. If there was a different method of victory we'd probably have over a thousand horses and the expenses and organization of events and shelter would be damn near impossible. Two, other than a battle to end it all, what other way could a horse be deemed a winner? They can't pin, submit, or tap out. They rarely are knocked out unconscious (which is the other little known way to gain a victory), so what else could there be to determine a winner? Third, fighting to the death makes for a more entertaining and suspensefull match. Also, in some matches horses DON'T have to die. If there is a special stipulation one does not. Or if both horses are exhausted, injured or knocked out, the three judges will decide a winner.

Q. Don't you think this is cruelty to animals?
If humans were in some way killing these majestic beasts I would never condone it. But the horses are doing all the fighting. It is perfectly natural for two horses to fight. Also, if it weren't for us these horses would be turned into glue.

Q. Where do you get horses to wrestle?
Well, there are two branches of horse in the HWF. There are the HWF owned horses and then there are the independant horses. The HWF owned horses are horses that belong to the HWF and given shelter, bred and fought under HWF trainers. HWF trainers must have taken an independant horse to win at least 8 of 10 matches. Then they meet with HWF board members and are reviewed and either accepted or denied, with me having the final say. HWF owned horses are adopted by myself, and stay on my North Conway, NH farm until a trainer takes them under his/her wing. They are trained on the farm and do not leave it until they have matches. I get these horses from shelters, farms, vets, or regular people. All the horses I adopt are in danger of being killed. They are not wanted, and I take them into my farm for a better life. The independant horses are horses that owners sign up filling out the forms and fight until they perish or can become HWF owned. Rarely do indie horses make it past five matches.

Q. Are you the devil's son?
Nope. I'm just tryin' to put out the finest in horse entertainment and make a respectable living out of it.

Q. Is Horse Wrestling real?
Nope. You gotta be pretty thick to believe that it is.

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