Employee(s) of The Month: Darren Hay & Howard King
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Employee(s) of The Month: Darren Hay & Howard King

July is a very special month for the HWF. Instead of just one employee of the month, we went out and picked two! On the left is Darren Hay and on the right is our good pal Howard King.

Darren is 25 years old and hopes to one day take horse wrestling deep down south, where he thinks it will completely explode and be embraced! Right now he's lobbying in Richmond, VA to get any special interest group to legalize horse wrestling in the remaining 39 states. But, when he's back home in North Conway, he is the head pit digger. Darren brought the whole idea of using a back-ho's to dig the pit, saving time and quite possibly lives.

Howard was brought up in the HWF environment. Howard controls a lot of what goes on, on this very web site. He's the chief journalist for the site, and is the editor in chief of the bi-weekly newsletter "Pit Scene". He also takes care of the content on the mailing lists. He also takes care of irreversable wounds that the horses might suffer.(He puts them outta their misery)

Thanks guys!

-Clint Barker