A Message From CEO Clint Barker
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A Message From CEO Clint Barker

Thank you for visiting my page: Horse Wrestling Central. I've been at this business for 14 years, and have worked long and hard to make this company what it is. I've stood strong through all the protests and petitions that they've thrown at me.

Welly, welly, welly. It looks as if Clint has finally managed to take the HWF to yet another level. In just the past year the HWF has gone under a vast change. It's gone from a local Saturday Night event, to a global force in the horse entertainment industry. Who would've thought that the HWF would reach the levels it has. Even a year ago, many thought the idea of expanding outside of Northern New England, let alone the idea of public stock, was way out of the HWF's reach. But here we are today. I'd like to personally thank the following people for helping the HWF become what it is today. Chuck Taylor, Quincy Martin, "Uncle" Marty Clayborne, Pete DuQuette, Teddy Show, Bob Henry, Karen Dirschwitz, The HWF Online Staff, Hans Schnarfmen, Larry Bing, and my good man Don Johnson. To all those I forgot, forgive me.

Now where from here Clint? As of right now, I have no other plans for the HWF. My business is Horse Wrestling and Horse Wrestling Federation's opening day is April 23. Until the season ends, no big plans. That is unless you decide that the Summer Tour 2001, is a big plan. This year the summer Tour will have a unique surprise. Stay tuned to find out. Until then.

God Bless
Clint Barker


Email: thehorseking@hotmail.com